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Additions! And otherwise!

Let’s reset the Gibson situation, which I did in a few subsequent tweets I won’t stack here.

He wasn’t on a pre-spring depth chart, which raised questions. The answer was he’d been away from the team for the fall semester and then had to be away again in the spring. That’s in line with being a partial qualifier, not unlike Elijah Macon, though we never got and never will get a true and offiial explanation

That said, the touted Gibson had a strange eligibility/qualifying hangup that WVU just disagreed with and tried to beat. I’m not positive that’s why the Mountaineers retained The Cleaner last year, but it makes sense. Whatever the circumstances, Gibson couldn’t play last season and wasn’t a part of team activities then or in the spring, as were his orders.

He stayed on scholarship. He never left school or quit the team. He was always in good standing. Now he’s back with the Mountaineers.

“He came out with a 3.0 (GPA) and is healthy and learning what to do,” he said. “He’s going to wind up at wideout and he’s going to continue to get better and better.

“Definitely, he’ll contribute this year.”

As for the Davis Twins, Chris and Demitrius are from Ohio. They signed originally with Pitt in the 2012 class and redshirted their first season before deciding to transfer after spring football before their sophomore year. They went to Kentucky and sat out last season and are on the move again.

There are all sorts of appeals and waivers out there, but I’m told the plan is for them to walk on and sit out the 2014 season.  They’re both said to be really fast, though, obviously, underdeveloped.

Finally, an update on the four yet-to-enroll recruits: Uhoh.

A year after getting everyone from the 2013 recruiting class enrolled and on campus, the Mountaineers will need great fortune to repeat that feat. (Seriously, the 2013 work is impressive.)

Defensive lineman Dontae Angus, receiver Jacob McCrary, defensive back Jaylon Myers and offensive lineman Justin Scott are not yet eligible to participate. Angus and McCrary are in line at the NCAA Eligibility Center and Scott and McCrary are still in junior college.

Angus and McCrary have a chance to make it, though it could be delayed. Scott seems to have some work to do, though he’s not out of the question. I have doubts we’ll ever see Myers, which is a shame because he can really play and would really help the defensive backfield.

Anyhow, if some or all of them aren’t there when practice starts a week from tomorrow, that’s why. WVU won’t let them show up if they can’t practice.