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Fear the fringe!

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That’s your 2014 WVU football poster and I think it’s pretty clever. I’m also a sucker for anything that takes me behind the scenes, and you can have a look at how folks put that together this year. Never would I have thought that that would be something that interests me, but pull the curtain back for me and I’m hooked.

Note again that there’s a mysterious Mountaineer. We don’t know who that is and we can safely assume that was intentional, something of an all for one, one for all message. It’s also sort of consistent with what  happened last season, when WVU struggled to identify a marketing identity — and then Andrew Buie, one of three faces of the media guide, left the team school.

I wonder: Does this team have a  face? Does it have faces? Or are we cool with the dark face mask visor?