Fear the fringe!


That’s your 2014 WVU football poster and I think it’s pretty clever. I’m also a sucker for anything that takes me behind the scenes, and you can have a look at how folks put that together this year. Never would I have thought that that would be something that interests me, but pull the curtain back for me and I’m hooked.

Note again that there’s a mysterious Mountaineer. We don’t know who that is and we can safely assume that was intentional, something of an all for one, one for all message. It’s also sort of consistent with what  happened last season, when WVU struggled to identify a marketing identity — and then Andrew Buie, one of three faces of the media guide, left the team school.

I wonder: Does this team have a  face? Does it have faces? Or are we cool with the dark face mask visor?

16 Responses to “Fear the fringe!”

  1. tls6apa says:

    Or are we protecting ourselves in lieu of the O’Bannon case?

  2. Rugger says:

    Could be worse.

  3. Mack says:

    I kind of like the idea of a poster with Clint Trickett just shooting a cocky smirk at the camera with a hot cheerleader on each arm.

  4. NotSoFastMyFriend says:

    Piss poor. I thought it was his guts at first glance.

  5. SheikYbuti says:

    New slogan: “We bleed Old Gold and Blue, but our bowels are Buckskin!”

  6. overtheSEC says:

    I don’t know, Sheik. I think the marketing department is proposing this slogan: “WVU football: Your guess is as good as ours”

  7. Dr. Love says:

    Where can I get some of these posters? My kids would love it!

  8. I love you, Doug! says:

    Buddy of mine once proposed WVU have a brown alternative uni to allude to the buckskins. I think brown uniforms are a terrible idea all the way from Hitler’s sturmabteilung to the U. of Wyoming’s terribly scatological color pairing of brown AND yellow.

    But what say you? Could a brown/buckskin alt-uni be executed effectively? Could Nike or UnderArmour pull that off?

  9. Dann White says:

    Perhaps a little anonymity will serve this team well; they need to forget about stardom and concentrate on the greater good. That, without a doubt, is the way championships are won.
    I’m sure someone will point it out if I’m mistaken, but I can’t think of too many championship teams that win titles based based on individual performances or flashy stars.
    Time will tell….

  10. Rugger says:

    I had a brown suit once….once!

    Cam Newton, Dann but that is rare.

  11. Dann White says:

    Let’s coin a new description: “A Post-O’Bannon Placard”.

  12. Spatial Angel says:

    Brown suit? Must be an engineer.

  13. Rugger says:


  14. smeer says:

    homage to The Walking Dead?

    helmet but no should pads?

    fear the fringe = just about as scary as fear the turtle

    Now put a non-politically correct musket in the players hands and that will strike fear.

    all tongue in cheek

  15. smeer says:


  16. smeer says:

    D Love – have a good printer? You can download . . .