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It’s starting to make some sense

The second thing that stands out about WVU’s newest basketball recruit, Billydee Williams, is that his playing time and production were both inconsistent bordering on erratic.

It’s alarming, and whether it’s fair or not, it’s concerning when you’re dealing with a junior college player. There’s a perception attached to a kid who toils at that level, and if you’re not careful it can lead you to presumptuous conclusion.

What we can fairly say about Williams is that he was capable of scoring and even rebounding when he was able to play a healthy share of minutes. What we can’t say yet is why the PT seesawed the way it did — and that has to be question No. 1 when we meet, right?

Maybe not, because I’m starting to get a more clear picture about Williams as a guy who was new to his team last year, who played with a bunch of veterans, who played for a pretty good coach who really knows what he’s doing and who is perhaps only guilty of fitting in on a good squad that made the NJCAA quarterfinals last season for a reason.

 Williams is the sixth member of last season’s SPC team headed to a four-year program. The others are point guard Sekou Harris (South Dakota), shooting guard Roderick Lawrence (Mississippi), forward Ryan Martin (Tennessee Tech), forward Malik Nichols (Hofstra) and center Michael Karena (Wright State).