An audible off The Audible

Dana Holgorsen did 20 minutes with Bruce Feldman on Feldman’s newish podcast at Fox Sports. Right away the two got into the season-opening game against Alabama. That led to the obvious and useful connections to Texas A&M, Kevin Sumlin and Jake Spavital and to Oklahoma, which is startlingly similar to the Mountaineers thanks to Bob Stoops once hiring Holgorsen mentor Mike Leach.

What wasn’t mentioned was something Dana told me last week. The Alabama v. Auburn game film will be quite useful for preparations.

“They’re quite a bit different, but it’s a spread,” Holgorsen said. “It’s more of a run game spread, but it’s up-tempo, the sets are good and there’s a lot of motion. It’ll be good for us.”

7 Responses to “An audible off The Audible”

  1. Sammy says:

    Swimming with sharks and bear hunting!

  2. Parks says:

    Even with Trickett not completely healed yet, HCDH sounds very settled on him to start this season. I really like that as opposed to having to go all summer and camp wondering who will be the chosen one. Assuming Trickett does heal fully, I like that decision. That is, unless Crest just picks things up and blows everyone out of the water. I’d take what I saw from a healthy Trickett last season(3 healthy quarters or not) over what I saw out of Millard, Moore and Howard in the spring.

  3. Mack says:

    Why doesn’t the university sell Major Harris, Marc Bulger, Pat White, or Amos Zeroue jerseys since they’re no longer amateur athletes and the university would be free to do so? The only potential reasons that I can think of are:

    1. The university would have to give those players a cut. My guess is that this is the primary reason the university doesn’t sell those jerseys.

    2. The jerseys were provided by Champion when Harris and Bulger played… and the university currently has a deal with Nike. I doubt this matters, but maybe?

    3. Fans do not want a jersey of past players because they want the current jersey.

    People often say, “Player X doesn’t get a cut even though his jersey is being sold in the stores.” To some degree, in the case of college sports, I’ve always thought this line of thinking was a little bit agenda-driven because I think the fans look at it as being a WVU jersey moreso than a Pat White jersey. Maybe this is naïve. I wonder to what extent the sales would be affected if WVU would pick a number that isn’t being used by any current players.

  4. anxiouseer97 says:

    I haven’t felt this confident going into a season opener since the Nebraska game.

  5. Parks says:

    If we finish 7-6 this season like we did in 94 after that Nebraska opener, I’d say we have had a damn good season…at least 5 teams we’ll play this year spent last season in the top 15. We would need to beat 2 of them to get those 7 wins. I’d accept that in a heartbeat.

  6. SheikYbuti says:

    I wasn’t a math major, but if we play 12 games and only 5 of them are against last year’s top 15, can’t we go 7-5 even if we lose them all?

    For the record, I’d take those two wins and 9-3 in a heartbeat.

  7. Parks says:

    Sheik–I’d invite you to look at my post in the soccer thread regarding nesteas. My math is more than likely completely off. I’m just glad I can still type..

    I trust your math over mine at this point and thank you for the correction.