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‘I think everybody saw this gap coming’

Oliver Luck was hired four years ago today, and I needn’t tell you a whole lot has happened since then. Nothing is bigger and nothing matters more than the move to the Big 12.

The athletic director knew a conference shift was coming, and what he anticipated and what he planned to do about it were the things that impressed former President Jim Clements most. Honestly, that’s why he was the only guy Clements interviewed.

What’s funny and kind of scary to think about today is that Luck really didn’t expect to get into that as quickly as he did.

“The thing that scared me the most as an alumnus and a former football player is this college football realignment and us waking up one morning and going, ‘Oh, what happened?’” Luck said last week in Charleston. “It was happening and it was the most important thing on my radar screen when I started.

“Personally, I thought we would be faced with that challenge in the first three or four years of my tenure and it happened much quicker than I thought. There was a crucial three- or four-month period, but thankfully we’re much better off.”