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Do we spot a trend?

Startlingly, just as I left for a few days off last week, West Virginia announced the hiring of its new golf coach. This follows not long after the Mountaineers named a wrestling coach. Sean Covich, who has kinda sorta done this before, is Oliver Luck’s eight head coaching hire in seven of the school’s 17 sports:

Randy Mazey in baseball
Tina Samara in women’s tennis
Miha Lisac in women’s tennis
Sammie Henson in wrestling
Dana Holgorsen in football
-Mr. Covich
Jason Butts in gymnastics
Jill Kramer in volleyball

I don’t know, but I think that’s a lot of activity — firings and hirings — for a guy who still hasn’t been here for four years, but it’s nevertheless a list and that list offers a broad sampling from which ideas can be formed.

And so I’m curious about two things:

1) Whether or not the jury is out on a particular coach or particular coaches, what’s your opinion of the hires? I mean that in a broad sense, be it the pick or the subsequent results or anything in between or on the outside.

2) Is there, or can you form, a pattern in people Luck has picked? I ask that because there are some overlapping elements to this, but, as is often the case, I wonder if maybe it’s just me.