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Believe it: Terry Henderson is out

That really escalated. Terry Henderson will transfer.

This is stunning. Of the 16 players signed in the first three recruiting classes after the Final Four, Henderson is the 12th to transfer or to have never played for WVU. That’s a deadly number for a program. Really, I’m not being mean. I’m not trying to be antagonistic. I’m being honest. It’s very difficult to build or sustain, never mind win and attract, with that sort of attrition.

And it absolutely merits an explanation.

(Also, in the fourth recruiting class Bob Huggins got Brandon Watkins, who, by WVU’s own admission, had detractors who never thought he’d make it; Remi Dibo, who some say is next to go; and Jonathan Holton and Elijah Macon, who didn’t qualify to play last season. Jevon Carter, Tarik Phillip and Dax Miles are part of the incoming class … and Miles committed, but never signed last year because he didn’t make the grade, and we’re hearing that’s not a lead-pipe lock this time around.)

If we’re honest, this is a major, major development. Henderson, despite his track record as a come-and-go performer, was made to be the safety net above which WVU would play next season without Eron Harris. The loss of  Harris (he’s visiting Michigan soon, by the way) was somewhat negated by, uh, transferring more playing time to Henderson.

If Henderson didn’t score as much as Harris, well, he didn’t let his guy score as much as Harris was know to let his guy score. And wasn’t Henderson presented to be a more versatile scorer and rebounder as well?

Well, what now?

Better question: What on Earth is Juwan Staten thinking today?

Feel free to offer plans and lineups for how WVU is to proceed next season. I’ll be over in the corner considering this sledgehammer …