Believe it: Terry Henderson is out

That really escalated. Terry Henderson will transfer.

This is stunning. Of the 16 players signed in the first three recruiting classes after the Final Four, Henderson is the 12th to transfer or to have never played for WVU. That’s a deadly number for a program. Really, I’m not being mean. I’m not trying to be antagonistic. I’m being honest. It’s very difficult to build or sustain, never mind win and attract, with that sort of attrition.

And it absolutely merits an explanation.

(Also, in the fourth recruiting class Bob Huggins got Brandon Watkins, who, by WVU’s own admission, had detractors who never thought he’d make it; Remi Dibo, who some say is next to go; and Jonathan Holton and Elijah Macon, who didn’t qualify to play last season. Jevon Carter, Tarik Phillip and Dax Miles are part of the incoming class … and Miles committed, but never signed last year because he didn’t make the grade, and we’re hearing that’s not a lead-pipe lock this time around.)

If we’re honest, this is a major, major development. Henderson, despite his track record as a come-and-go performer, was made to be the safety net above which WVU would play next season without Eron Harris. The loss of  Harris (he’s visiting Michigan soon, by the way) was somewhat negated by, uh, transferring more playing time to Henderson.

If Henderson didn’t score as much as Harris, well, he didn’t let his guy score as much as Harris was know to let his guy score. And wasn’t Henderson presented to be a more versatile scorer and rebounder as well?

Well, what now?

Better question: What on Earth is Juwan Staten thinking today?

Feel free to offer plans and lineups for how WVU is to proceed next season. I’ll be over in the corner considering this sledgehammer …

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  1. JP says:

    I don’t expect to see season tickets flying off the shelf next season …

  2. JP says:

    Huggs is looking more and more like Bob Knight. They both have great knowledge, but neither are what anyone would describe as a “player’s coach.” If Huggs is losing games and running off all his players, things aren’t right and they appear to be getting worse.

  3. SheikYbuti says:

    Would whoever the Tier 4 representative is please tell Mr. Luck at the next meeting of the Fan Experience Committee that we, as fans, would like to experience more continuity in the basketball program? Thank you.

  4. Parks says:

    I’ll come back tomorrow with my thoughts. Tonight I’m gonna throw several dozen nesteas back and try to come up with some thoughts that aren’t filled with explatives and nothing but negativity.

  5. There’s a problem here and it’s becoming apparent that Huggins doesn’t have the answer.

    12 out of 16 recruits gone since 2010. That’s inexcusable.

  6. rekterx says:

    OK …. I’m back for a short visit. Some might recall that I essentially fell away from the blog once basketball season got moving.

    The whole situation is just so tragic … too many enablers … but too many people bought into the false belief that he was always just around the corner from getting it together.

    Clarence …. Huggs doesn’t have the answer because he is a big part of the problem. The other part is the people who simply would not, or could not, deal with reality.

    It’s time for Huggs buddies who pay his salary to put their heads together and say, “Enough.”

    A growing number of people over the last few years have seen this day coming.

    I just don’t have much else to say other than Ollie needs to get things in gear and do it now!

    PS: I don’t think that Huggs will go quietly.

  7. rekterx says:

    Mike … before I got on here I got off the phone with my brother and I predicted to him that Staten will soon be testing the European Professional basketball waters.

  8. netbros says:

    “And it absolutely merits an explanation.”

    Darn straight. Something smells to high heaven in the confines of the basketball facility. All the transfers last year… it’s probably safe to say Huggins asked (told) them to leave. But the two (and counting) this year obviously came out of the blue.

    I understand not wanting to burn bridges, but it seems odd that none of those who have left are sharing much, either last year or this. I really believe that O. Luck needs to investigate what is going on in the basketball program. Something is horribly, horribly wrong.

  9. JP says:

    In before Chuck Landon predicts that Mike D’Antoni will replace Huggins at WVU and change the colors to green and white.

  10. jtmountaineer says:

    Juwan Staten ‏@JuwanStaten3 · 2h
    I’m rocking with my man @CoachHuggs no matter what! #OTF

    That’s what Staten’s thinking.

  11. Ccteam says:

    Wow! This does require an explanation. A program can’t win with no continuity.

  12. avb31 says:

    This is bad. It is hard to try to project a starting five when we still don’t know if the defections are over. I’ll give it a shot:


    We will probably struggle to get to .500. This could be the beginning of the end for Huggins.

  13. Deadhorse says:

    Probably wants to be closer to his sister or not happy with playing time. Can’t be Huggs’ fault, he just got done fixing it.

  14. Karl says:

    These are the times when Twitter is way more interesting. Battle lines have been drawn.

  15. rekterx says:

    I personally believe that over the last few years there has been ample opportunity for journalists to write about the WVU basketball from an investigative angle. I think of things like looking at the recruiting budget, what happens on recruiting trips, the results of the recruiting effort, and the opinons of those who recruit against Huggs; or tales of drunkeness (Nike coaching clinic, losing head on collisions with bathroom doors, etc.). I would have loved to have read an article about the perspective of various analysts on the general play of the guards on
    Bob Huggins teams.

    But the article I want to see now is one that investigates how exactly Huggs’ lifetime contract came about. The University only pays a fraction of Huggs’ 3.2 mill salary, right? The rest comes from outside sources INCLUDING some donors who personally foot a large of his salary, right?

    Seriously … correct me if I am wrong. Huggs has a lifetime contract largely underwritten by some well-heeled buddies of his, right?

    I want to see a journalist contact Ollie, those Big Bucks donors who basically underwrite Huggs salary, and Huggs himself and tell us the story of how that contract came about.

    And then I want those donors put on the spot to answer questions concerning the fiasco of a basketball program that they have been underwriting.

    Ollie needs to be pushed in the direction of admitting while the contract was initially a good deal for the University (because its largely paid by private donors and WV has an alleged Hall of Fame coach who just led the team to the Final Four) it is now not such a good thing, and actually may be a bad thing.

    “Accountability” is the operative word.

    Lots of people want to know why there are so many transfers. The answer, I believe, was posted on this blog about a year ago, or so, when somebody said that that our basketball program resembled a “dysfunctional family led by an alcoholic father.” I have no idea if anyone involved in the bball program is actually an alcoholic. If they are I hope they get help. But you have to be blind to not see that the program does indeed resemble one big dysfunctional family (and it has for a few years now). All we need now is for Huggs daughters to start posting some foul-mouthed tweets.

    We don’t need a story on why we have so many transfers.

    We need a story about the people who have been underwriting this mess and continue to perpetuate it through their ongoing support.

    If its too risky for a WV sportswriter to do it then find someone else (in or out of the state) to do it.

    This charade needs the covers pulled off of it.

  16. smeer says:

    ADOL needs to schedule 12 exit interviews and then make a decision

  17. Shoot4show says:

    I wish I was totally off base…

    Shoot4show says:
    March 28, 2014 at 12:00 am
    Knowing what we know, witnessing what we’ve seen, and after listening to Huggs talk about his struggles with last year’s team, this seems like a problem many leaders struggle with today — cross generational relationships with the Millennial generation. It’s always a challenge for the older generation to bend in such a way that they are better able to communicate with, motivate, and lead the younger. The Millennials are so different — not wrong, just different — from prior generations in their values, beliefs, and preferred means of relating to others that it’s an even greater challenge for today’s leaders.

    Huggs is resolute in his ways, and that has served him well. Each of us is reluctant to abandon or even change what has worked, at least until it no longer works. You can still emphasize effort, defense, and rebounding as your keys to success. However, you can’t relate to a player today in the same way you did with a player 25 years ago. They aren’t the same kid, so you can’t be the same leader (recruiter, coach, etc.). It doesn’t work. It isn’t working. It’s time to bend, or it will be time for a bigger change.

  18. Dann White says:

    I got a cool to no response a week ago when I suggested Oliver should bring Huggins to bear for his poor personnel practices. Now I am going a step further to suggest that Coach’s problem goes deeper than his performance on the sideline, or in practice.
    Its looking to me like the same old demon that brought him down at UC has again reared its ugly head; it would seem to me that Huggins is once again in the throes of addictive disease – a destroyer of lives that is usually only apparent to those most Should this prove to be the case, there may be some subtle differences from the previous lapse because often well-meaning supporters and physicians may switch the patient say from alcohol to nerve pills, or vice versa.
    I have no first hand knowledge of Huggin’s problems, but I do have an extensive knowledge of the progression of addiction. If this disease brought him down before, and he is suddenly screwing up things that he should certainly know how not to screw up; chances are he is in or close to relapse.
    The knee-jerk PR solution for these problems is, of course, a trip to rehab. That sounds great, but no matter where you go, and what it costs, the results depend entirely on the motivation of the patient, and their willingness to admit that one can’t save their ass and their face at the same time.
    Mark my word, and be aware that you may here 500 alternative explanations to Bobby’s Bizarre Behavior, some official, some not, let’s just say you heard it from a guy whose been there.


  19. Deadhorse says:

    “Waiting for the Fall” or “I’ve fallen and can’t get up”?

  20. Dblpne says:

    What I find ironic, is that the basketball team and the football team, both started the downward spiral when Ollie Luck came to town.

  21. 50yrfan says:

    I hate to pile on when things seem to be going from bad to worse. But as an old fan that has bleed blue and gold for many years I believe the problem is with Huggs and mau even run deeper. Deeper in that we replaced one old boy network with another in OL who either won’t have the clout or stomach to fix the problem, now. As a true WVU fan I ask, no beg, that someone stand up and deal with this problem head on. Cleaning house might cause problems in the short run but the longer this situation continues the harder it’s going to be to fix.

  22. JP says:

    Is Dan Dakich in the market for a coaching job?

  23. JP says:

    I keed, I keed

  24. Spatial Angel says:

    (sigh) How can you fix this?

  25. Carlos Danger says:

    One and done’s didn’t work for us so now we try two and done’s?

  26. tls62pa says:

    Calls out the game experience. Solution: Red Panda EVERY GAME.

  27. Carlos Danger says:

    I guess I should have said that the last batch of players only lasted 1 year and these guys managed to stay for 2. That’s progress, right? To blame this all on Huggins though would be to simplify the problem. Some of it is the way it is in modern division 1 basketball. Tons of kids transfer every year. But when 2 out of your 3 top scorers would rather sit and not play for a year just to get away from “something” it certainly smells bad. I wish someone would find out what that “something” is.

  28. Parks says:

    Me being the polar opposite of Rek (which is nothing new for the long timers here), I’m going to offer my response to all of this with a sense of optimism I never seem to be able to shake…

    I agree with Huggs and share the enthusiasm for having what would seem to be a much bigger and longer lineup next year. That, without a doubt, fits better into his system. However, we can play number games all day long. I don’t care if it’s 16 or 23 kids signed.. At least 4 of those that I can think of right now not only left but left throwing mud at Huggs. They have left within the last two seasons. For all the Butlers, KJs and Statens, you’ve got a side camp of Keaton Miles and now Harris and Henderson. The truth must lie in the middle. I don’t think there’s as much doom and gloom as others and I still think we are in the top 25 early next season because of our size. My starting 5 as of today:

  29. Dann White says:


    Good choice, in this case it may be more like: We don’t want the truth, but we will handle it.

    I read Huggins’ statement over and over about his good wishes for Terry, this cat is un-frigging-believable. He should be falling over himself to apologize for his failure to recruit/coach a viable program. I believe its time he is fired “for cause” and the “lifetime” flow of cash stopped. Throw out the baby, keep the bathwater!
    This reuires much more than an explanation, it requires a housecleaning.
    What’s Mike D’Antoni doing these days? Somebody call Chuck Landon and ask him if he knows.

  30. JC says:

    Rampant speculation of alcohol abuse without first hand knowledge is reckless, ignorant, and dangerous. If someone has first hand knowledge, speak up. If not, don’t. I certainly understand where this comes from, given his past history, but to attribute these issues to possible alcoholism without evidence is not smart.

    I see this boiling down to the Bob Knight syndrome. Aging coach becoming more and more disgruntled with younger athletes, refusing to adapt his personal and professional style to modern players with differing attitudes. The hard-nosed, yelling and screaming dictator style just doesn’t cut it anymore. Name 3 coaches in this era who are successful operating this way……exactly. Every game the TV announcers point out, on numerous occasions, Huggs’ “fiery” personality, further exacerbating his reputation, giving coaches yet another angle to recruit against him, all while scaring kids off. In any profession, especially sports, if you’re not adapting, you’re losing…..

  31. JPWVURFL says:

    I’m like most on here. I don’t know the actual cause, but there is usually one or two main reasons that are common for everyone. If it was a more difficult issue, surely more would have been said before. Miles’ tweet is either talking about a serious issue in the locker room, or he just knew how these players were coming in. I’m trending toward the former. This isn’t how you build a program, let alone sustain it. Were they sold a bill of false goods? Were the interviews and expectations made not realized by the coaches?

    The graph is trending, and it’s not trending positive. It’s one thing to say you have guys coming and leaving quickly due to the draft – that indicates success. But to have this amount of turnover without the success would get any manager or CEO put on probation, monitored closely, and most likely fired. There’s a problem with the team (department) and it’s the head coach’s (manager’s) job to fix it. The graph does not indicate any corrective action has helped, so as CEO (AD), you educate or replace your manager.

    No sense in wasting these kids’ careers on a team if you don’t have a team…WVU does not have a solid team and 90% of the issue is the staff. They are the ones required to vet the players to begin with (maybe take a course with the football staff). This is now laughable…and I fear it will translate into complete mediocrity on the court.

    Just a question: What separates Huggins from Beilein, Coack K, Pitino, and Boeheim?

    There is a cancer within this team. I think it’s due for Huggins to spend time trying to treat that cancer. His charity can’t help this one.

  32. Spatial Angel says:

    Agree with JC regarding the gossip about HCBH.

  33. ffejbboc says:

    I will bet dollars to donuts that all the top names in the game – Boeheim, Coach K, Izzo, Pitino, Calipari – are tough on their players. They yell at their players. They have high expectations for their players.

    Huggins is in the same age group as those guys mentioned above. He has the same pedigree. So why do kids not transfer from those programs at the rate WVU players transfer?

    There is something else afoot at the Colesium that nobody can seem to put their finger on. Or that nobody will admit to. Identifying the cancer and surgically removing it is the only thing that will “fix” this.