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Dibo coming? Or going?

I don’t follow Eron Harris on Twitter, but my news feed was all atwitter yesterday about something Harris disseminated on the social media network.

In essence, he celebrated getting released from his scholarship, which is probably more smart than petty because he started getting calls almost right away, including one from Michigan, which really isn’t a surprise and really isn’t much closer to home than Morgantown. But Bob Huggins will release everyone without restrictions. He won’t block schools. So Harris was celebrating formality.

And within the same tweet, Harris was hopeful that “my boy Remi” would secure his release as well.


Unless Remi Gaillard was arrested and close, personal friend Eron Harris was counting down the hours until he got out of jail, there could be only one explanation. I worked on this a little bit yesterday, which, by the way, was a year to the day that Remi Dibo committed to WVU. Near as I can tell, this caught people off guard because it didn’t feel imminent, but it’s also not dead.

Dibo is not without options, but he has basically only two. Well, three, because one of them is to not do anything and play his final season at WVU.

He can’t transfer to a junior college (obviously, because he already graduated from one) and he can’t transfer to a Division I school (he’s entering his fifth year and fourth season of eligibility, so he doesn’t have a year in residence available to sit out to follow transfer rules, and he can’t go the post-graduate route because he hasn’t graduated from WVU).

He can transfer to a Division II school and play right away (as long as he’s eligible at WVU), and that’s not an ugly alternative around here, or overall. Dibo can also just leave school and play professionally, and with some international ties in his past, that’s not impossible, but that’s not something people knew him to be seriously considering before getting his degree.

I’m sure there’s something to this, one way or another, and well find out for certain soon.