Dibo coming? Or going?

I don’t follow Eron Harris on Twitter, but my news feed was all atwitter yesterday about something Harris disseminated on the social media network.

In essence, he celebrated getting released from his scholarship, which is probably more smart than petty because he started getting calls almost right away, including one from Michigan, which really isn’t a surprise and really isn’t much closer to home than Morgantown.¬†But Bob Huggins will release everyone without restrictions. He won’t block schools. So Harris was celebrating formality.

And within the same tweet, Harris was hopeful that “my boy Remi” would secure his release as well.


Unless Remi Gaillard was arrested and close, personal friend Eron Harris was counting down the hours until he got out of jail, there could be only one explanation. I worked on this a little bit yesterday, which, by the way, was a year to the day that Remi Dibo committed to WVU. Near as I can tell, this caught people off guard because it didn’t feel imminent, but it’s also not dead.

Dibo is not without options, but he has basically only two. Well, three, because one of them is to not do anything and play his final season at WVU.

He can’t transfer to a junior college (obviously, because he already graduated from one) and he can’t transfer to a Division I school (he’s entering his fifth year and fourth season of eligibility, so he doesn’t have a year in residence available to sit out to follow transfer rules, and he can’t go the post-graduate route because he hasn’t graduated from WVU).

He can transfer to a Division II school and play right away (as long as he’s eligible at WVU), and that’s not an ugly alternative around here, or overall. Dibo can also just leave school and play professionally, and with some international ties in his past, that’s not impossible, but that’s not something people knew him to be seriously considering¬†before getting his degree.

I’m sure there’s something to this, one way or another, and well find out for certain soon.

20 Responses to “Dibo coming? Or going?”

  1. Gordo says:

    Let me be the first to state the obvious – its concerning that so many are even seeking a release. I don’t know the numbers, but even with the number of transfers up on a national level, I’d be willing to bet that we still exceed the national average.

  2. SheikYbuti says:

    This would appear to be a transfer in response to potential curtailment of playing time, which to me is the one reason that should not raise any concerns as to how the program is being run.

  3. jtmountaineer says:

    All due respect to Eron and Remi, they were the two biggest and most consistent defensive liabilities on last year’s team. Notwithstanding some begrudging changes of heart when he realized playing time was on the line, Dibo was also as uninterested in rebounding as Harris. Color me unsurprised and unphased.
    And yeah, if he relocates to Ann Arbor, Harris will be closer to his family exactly two games a season, the road contests at Purdue and Indiana.

  4. Deadhorse says:

    I have zero problem with Dibo leaving. Our problem is guys like that being recruited in the first place.

  5. Ccteam says:

    That’s the way Dibo bounces!

  6. Karl says:

    You hate to read too far into a 140-character comment, but I found the tone of the Harris tweet concerning. It had an “I can’t wait to get the hell out of this place” feel to it. Then including Remi in there out of nowhere suggests that the feeling is widespread. This is not the message of mutual, conscious uncoupling that Harris and Huggins conveyed in the press release a few weeks ago.

  7. SheikYbuti says:

    Do not expect non-adults to conduct themselves as adults, and you will be neither concerned nor disappointed.

  8. chocolate covered bacon says:

    Call me biased if you want, I stopped worrying about the basketball team the minute Staten decided to come back for another year. Huggins will not only have a point guard, and that was a major issue for the longest time, he’ll have the best point guard in the Big-12.

    Dibo can stay, or he can go, my concern is why the roster has guards and forwards with no centers.

    I respect Huggins on many levels, give the man credit, you either play defense and rebound or you play somewhere else. Everyone was talking about people jumping on the baseball bandwagon. If you think that wagon filled up fast, wait till Huggy Bear’s team rips off 8/9/10 straight wins.

  9. LoganvilleJeff says:

    What Sheik said. On a mediocre team, as we were this year, Dibo got significant minutes and even shined a time or two. On a good team, he’s a role player who can hit the occasional 3 and help spread the floor. Nice to have, but not irreplaceable.

    Yes, we’ll be good next year.

  10. Are we allowed to question Huggins and his handling of the program yet?

  11. hoot says:

    Clarence…you are always allowed to question. That does not necessarily mean,
    however, that you will be seconded by a large majority of posters here.
    Consider first the source of the tweet (fascinating, isn’t it, that is the sound an
    immature bird makes?), then dwell awhile on the coaching history of one Bob Huggins. We’ll be fine.

  12. Oklahoma Mountaineer says:

    Debo was recruited to bring offense — at the expense of defense if necessary — as a built in back up plan if Staten could not score in his second year as a starter for WVU. That was a legit concern based on the first year…..and Harris/Henderson was not a guarantee of success on a nightly basis.

    Harris’ consistent scoring limited Debo’s minutes — you couldn’t play 2 guys at a time who wont defend….

    My biggest beef in the whole Harris thing is that Michigan is being listed as a landing point and the implication being made that Belein’s teams don’t play defense. I don’t think that’s a fair statement — he doesn’t ignore defense for offense in the way that it appears that Huggs’ teams do to me. You can go all the way back to Cincinnati and look at his teams; he would defend and score in transition, not half court.

    I know that defense wins championships, but in today’s game, you have to have some semblance of offense to be successful and I don’t think it’s an accident that the period of success of Huggs at WVU were with offense players recruited by Belein who were improved on the defensive end.

  13. smeer says:

    just relived the 2005 tourney run over on Smoking Musket. that was just fun to watch – a bunch of unheralded kids with high basketball IQs and sweet jumpshots schooling teams with greater athleticism. the back door cuts were beautiful. his teams played D as best they could – Huggs even borrowed the 1-3-1 – it would give up some highlight dunks but it would also create turnovers – and that was Beilein’s game – be more efficient on O than your opponent.

    no one can dismiss Hugg’s record, but the verdict is definitely out on his ability to recruit and motivate a new generation of kids. I say both because he surely motivated Beilein’s recruits and has recruited some quality kids in his tenure here. But the last couple of years give me pause. winning requires a combination of things – hopefully the right combo will come together in 2014-15.

    It looks like he finally has some horses in the stable.

    agreed Oky – with no half-court – no post game and less than formidable outside shooting, this team was floundering until it put its half-court O on Staten’s back. I like to watch good defensive effort as much as anyone, but experienced chest pain watching our O struggle to score when it had to.

    Maybe I’ll sound sacrilegious but I truly miss Beilein. And hoping this year, Huggs and company give me reason not to.

  14. hoot,

    Given the attrition experienced by the program in the past few years, I think it’s more than prudent to wonder what in the hell is going on with Huggins and the way this program is run.

    Dibo would simply be another reason to heighten suspicion.

    I don’t care who agrees or disagrees with me. What bothers me is Holgorsen and the state of the football program have faced substantial criticism while Huggins and hoops comparatively has gotten a free pass. That doesn’t sit well with me.

  15. jtmountaineer says:

    Criticism of both programs is warranted, but comparing criticism of Holgorsen to criticism of Huggins doesn’t work simply because of their track record, at WVU and elsewhere. If you want to ask what Hugs has done for me/us lately, the answer depends on how long ago one considers 2010. To me, that’s the recent past. Holgorsen hasn’t yet done anything to warrant patience as a head coach.

  16. pknocker40 says:

    Ok so the Dibo rumors didn’t faze me but the Terry Henderson stuff certainly does

  17. glibglub says:

    What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?

  18. Parks says:

    Just got word about Terry and I trust who told me. I agree pknocker–explanations must be given now. Wow. Just wow!

  19. avb31 says:

    Well, we are officially a baseball school. Both major sports programs are complete trainwrecks.

    Losing Harris AND Henderson…you really can’t defend Huggins any more. It might be time to start over.

  20. jtmountaineer,

    Holgorsen has dealt with similar circumstances in terms of depth problems and a lack of scholarship players (problems that he inherited, by the way).

    Huggins has no one left to blame but himself at this point.

    No, there is no comparison of Huggins and Holgorsen in terms of track record. That just isn’t fair given Holgorsen has only been a head coach for three years. My issue is with those who give Huggins all the time in the world despite the evidence being right there in front of them.