The good news for WVU is it has to be the home team this year, right? It seems like WVU has always been the road team for whatever conference challenge it was in against the SEC.

So if the Mountaineers do get a home game, that helps the home schedule because, based on what we know, it’s lacking. Some series ended. Others call for road games. North Carolina State is in Madison Square Garden. The preseason tournament is in Puerto Rico, though a preliminary game against the College of Charleston is at the Coliseum.

I know nothing, but I’m going to guess Tennessee. Runner up? Auburn.

(Spoiler! It’s LSU.)

24 Responses to “Guesses?”

  1. SheikYbuti says:

    Ole Miss, of course. Runner-up, South Carolina.

  2. Parks says:

    Just because I really want it to be..I’m going to guess Kentucky.

  3. Parks says:

    And Jeff Goodman of ESPN just killed my dreams..He’s saying the two powerhouse games will be Kansas vs. Florida and Kentucky vs. Texas.

  4. SheikYbuti says:

    That would not surprise me, Parks, though I would think that Kansas/Kentucky is more likely. Probably the most attractive opponent we could hope for would be Tennessee.

  5. glibglub says:

    Ole Miss would be my guess as well. Andy Kennedy is still there, right?

    But I guess it could be ‘Bama, in a case of revenue sports symmetry.

  6. glibglub says:

    Am I the only one for whom the white background of this blog is taking forever to load these days? I’m well into typing this comment and it still hasn’t filled in all the way. Can’t see two thirds of Mike’s post because the background is two thirds blue.

  7. Mike Casazza says:

    South Carolina is interesting, because Huggins is adamant Frank Martin owes him a game after WVU joined the Big 12 and K-State became a conference game. I have to think Huggins really wants to keep that card in his pocket and more or less begged not to have it in this event.

  8. Spatial Angel says:

    Glib…you’re not alone. You can try clicking and dragging across the text.

  9. Wayward Eer says:


  10. SheikYbuti says:

    Yep, glib, the emperor has no clothes, and it’s annoying as hell. Kudos for saying something about it.

  11. Spatial Angel says:

    Sheik…is the emperor your avatar?

  12. SheikYbuti says:

    As long as I’m wearing my keffiyeh, I’m not naked.

  13. SheikYbuti says:

    LSU at home is a pretty good draw. Other than Kentucky and Florida, LSU appears to be the most highly regarded of the SEC teams in the preseason.

  14. Bobby Heenan says:

    While we’re on basketbal…

    I hate to get too speculative/crazy about players and their twitter accounts, but this little gem from Eron Harris is interesting:

    @eronjoseph: Got my official release! Can’t wait til my boy Remi gets his…

    Is he trolling? Who knows? It’s certainly possible that Debo gets minutes cut/split with Adrian and Macon and there’s also been talk of playing Holton at the 3 for stretches.

  15. em2 says:

    LSU was better than I thought we might get . . . .. should be great draw

  16. Parks says:

    Bobby–I’ve heard that sources at WVU have confirmed he’s asked for his release. Could be what opens a spot for Roddy Peters. I think if you’re Dibo and you see Watkins, Macon, Adrian, Holton, Williams and even Noreen all around of you, you’d doubt how much playing time you’d see but I struggle with how he’d get to another D1 school when he has 1 year left to play 1. I don’t know about his graduation schedule, but unless he’s dropping to D2 it’s puzzling.

  17. ccteam says:

    yes having the same problem. Mike, any help on this?

  18. Bobby Heenan says:

    @Parks: Interesting. I too don’t think it’s likely he would sit out a year just to play his final year at another D-1 school. Maybe he can take some extra classes and graduate soon and then hope to transfer?

    Certainly is puzzling.

    I think there is still minutes for him to be had at the three. I’ve heard talk of Holton at the 3, but I’m skeptical that he can defend on the perimeter against quicker/smaller 3’s just like I was skeptical when there was all this talk of playing Harris at PG for some minutes.

  19. ffejbboc says:

    glibglub & ccteam- I have the same problem and I solve it by selecting and highlighting the text in the post.

  20. Parks says:

    Glib, CC and ffejbboc—you guys using internet explorer? When I used to have to use that crappy excuse for a browser at work I’d have the same issues, but now that I can use Firefox I never seem to have that issue.

  21. SheikYbuti says:

    Nope. I’m using Firefox and have the same issues.

  22. Parks says:

    Well forget my logic then! The only thing I know about computers is to delete, delete, delete. Might help to try erasing the cookies as well. I just know that since I started using Firefox and erasing my cookies about once a week I haven’t had that issue. I could just be a lucky guy though?

  23. chocolate covered bacon says:

    Chrome here, and the same issues too.

  24. SheikYbuti says:

    You know, there ought to be a browser option that deletes all your cookies except for the embedded passwords. As it stands, I can either put up with a certain number of popups and targeted ads, OR I can put up with about a dozen requests to reset my forgotten passwords to my bank and credit card companies.