Be there or be from a place other than Charleston

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This is a thing and this thing is happening tomorrow night. And as one of my bosses points out, it might be the closest thing to a Tier 4 tailgate. (Also, that’s the guy you want to get after about the tailgate.)┬áPay attention to the star burst, too, please.

Also, no Scoop & Score tomorrow. I neglected to mention on the air last week we had a previously scheduled conflict. We’re back next week, and that’s our season finale. I’ll press pause for two months and come back for Big 12 media day, when the talking points are fresh and the takes are especially hot.

But in the meantime there and even here, I’m digging in for some stories and projects I want to devote time and depth to. I also have vacations I have to get to, too. I’ll be busy. Please don’t think I got lazy.

9 Responses to “Be there or be from a place other than Charleston”

  1. lowercase jeff says:

    the simple fact that he calls us groupies is an indication that he has no clue what it is we’ve got going on around here.

    what we’ve got around here is a small online community of men and women who, in my mind, strike the perfect balance of fandom, thoughtfulness, class, and, humor. mikes drops talking points throughout the day, and we have at it.

    groupies? nah.

  2. SheikYbuti says:

    I must be the world’s oldest groupie. At least now that the Grateful Dead no longer tour.

  3. JC says:

    The Dead still tour….obviously without Jerry. Talk about some old groupies….jeesh

  4. glibglub says:

    I think of myself as a Casazzastani.

  5. lowercase jeff says:

    im a fouridian

  6. lowercase jeff says:

    or a michaeli

    i’ll let you guys know what i decide, in the morning

  7. chocolate covered bacon says:

    For the record Mike, I’ll take your definition of lazy over everybody else anytime. It’s all about perspective, or personal definitions. With that said, I’ll miss the podcasts and the excuse for tea it represented. Fear not, I’ll find other excuses, a man needs his priorities.

  8. Parks says:

    If we’re groupies, (and I can’t be in Charleston tonight, or else I would) someone that’s there should bring an armful of panties to throw at Mike while’s he’s doing interviews! Ultimate groupie status right there.

  9. SheikYbuti says:

    We could throw pink panties and take photos, but Mike would still swear they were red.