Ponder this, WVU pundits

Chris Huston, of the very good Heisman Pundit website, has his post-spring Watch List for the 2015 award. It includes Jameis Winston, even though Huston staunchly believes Winston cannot win again, as well as Rakeem Cato, two Alabama players and four Big 12 players.

It’s a fun list and a fun offseason activity. You can look at that and argue that some people shouldn’t be on there and some people were left off of there. Which leads me to this:┬áNone of the Big 12 players hails from West Virginia, which isn’t a surprise at all. Still I wonder, if Huston does one of his straw polls early in the season, who is most likely from WVU to make the list?

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  1. SheikYbuti says:


  2. SheikYbuti says:

    West Virginia might have to start 3-0 or 4-0 in order for any of our players to get Heisman notice. If that happens, it’s probably going to be primarily due to the defense, which again is not conducive to producing Heisman hype. If we’re winning with defense, it will probably be complemented by a strong running game. So if I have to make a prediction, I’ll go with Rushel Shell.

  3. BillyBob says:

    Anyone notice Darwin Cook’s quote in another newspaper today that no WVU players (or at least defenseive players) could get a sniff from the NFL draft because the team “sucked” last year. His words, not mine. Same thing for the Heisman.

  4. Carlos Danger says:

    No one. The defense would need to improve from “real bad” to “average” which I don’t see happening. Without at least an average defense we will lose more than we win, and teams with losing records don’t have Heisman trophy winners. But lets say our defense is at least average. Then I think the best chance we would have for a Heisman would be Clint Tricket’s hair.

  5. smeer says:

    Josh Lambert kicks eleven game winning field goals. (He accounts for all of WVU’s 15 points in their 15-14 win over Alabama.) As the streak builds, he begins to strike the Heisman pose after each kick before being swamped by teammates. In the last game, he once again lines up – this time for a kick that will send the game into overtime. Ballsy HCDH calls for a fake field goal – Lambert takes a direct snap and angles down the side line doing his best Tavon Austin impression. He scores the winning TD, strikes the pose and ensures his place as the first special teams player in history to win the Heisman.

    At the end of the season, ADOL promotes ST coach eFore$t to head coach in waiting.

    (Hey if we are gonna be outlandish enough to poll for WVU’s most likely Heisman hopeful, then might as well go extreme.)

  6. Philip says:

    brilliant. (you back home yet, smeer?)

  7. Philip says:

    ideally, it would be karl joseph, but since we’re wishing, i’ll say mario alford.

  8. smeer says:

    philip – no getting my current house ready to sell – thanks for asking

  9. Drew says:

    Alford is the only one I see with the skill level to have any shot. He would have to do it with diversity – taking snaps in the backfield and out wide and making big plays in the return game. He would basically need a full season of games similar to a combination of Tavon’s OB, OU, and Baylor performances put together. That’s doable…right?

  10. Wayward Eer says:

    Wendell Smallwood, big game against Alabama on both the ground and out of the slot receiving, some return yards, propels him into the spotlight.

  11. Dann White says:

    Roll me one of those. Its been years but that’s gotta be special enough to get me to break over.
    About a WVU player winning the Heisman:Oone guy in my lifetime had the award in his pocket, but his family wanted him to go pro after his junior season. That guy had an unparalleled talent for making plays, and though we were friends, I have to admit that he wasn’t too bright when it came to life in general.
    Beyond that, every commentator in the country had Geno winning it for 5 weeks, trouble is; you have to play 12 games, by week seven he was a nobody in their eyes. Let’s face it, he has shown the same tendancy to self-destruct when things don’t go well in the pros that he showed in college.
    Pat White was, and is, a winner in every respect, his problem; the college he attended, still had we taken Pitt -who knows?
    Hands down, the best natural born touchdown specialist, and all around non-quarterback player ever, Tavon Austin found out the hard way that being deserving of the award has nothing to do with who wins it.
    Jameis? Don’t get me started, I see nothing that speciual about him, except that his team plays virtually no one that has a chance of beating them, seems his character isn’t all that either.
    My sentimental choice among Mountaineers was Noel Devine. He was appropriately named and proved it again and again. I pray his career in Canada is on the upswing, the NFL guys think he is too small, if so, its only in height and weight, in every other regard he is a devine giant.
    The metod of selecting the winner makes the trophy a sham anyway, its about as fair as the BCS or this new FOUR?? team playoff, I need a break, this has given me a headache.
    Smeer, overnight it, pleez!

  12. SheikYbuti says:

    Correct, Dann. And that is why Major Harris — not Pat White or Geno Smith — is the greatest QB in WVU history. I remain undaunted that probably only 15 percent of the fanbase agrees with me, though that percentage increases to about 40 in my age demographic. I lose a few of the real old-timers however; they get hung up on Freddie Wyant.

  13. ccteam says:

    What smeer said! Lambert has as much chance as anyone else on the roster, that being none, zero, nada.

  14. I love you, Doug! says:

    Sheik, Major was my college contemporary and I never thought I’d see anyone to surpass him until I saw Pat White. Unparalleled. I always think about the 2007 Louisville game, where he ran 50 yards for the game-winning TD.


  15. Dann White says:

    Smeer,all in fun, yo da man in my book.

    Sheik, I promise you that even among youngsters, more people know who Major Harris is than Fred Wyant.

    How about a little Major Lance? Are you ready? Yes, I’m ready! You got yours and I got mine, and its Monkey Time (do the Monkey Yeah, “Monkey Time”

  16. SheikYbuti says:

    Great run by PW in that highlight. Too bad there isn’t any video anywhere of Major making a highly regarded defense look silly with missed tackles and the like. Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.

    The only two Mountaineer footballers that I recall having Major’s size and anywhere near his freakish athleticism are Jerry Porter and Chris Henry. Obviously, the Smurfs (PW, Noel, Tavon) and PacMan were great athletes, but they weren’t going to bull anyone over (except maybe Devine, who is built like a granite sculpture).

  17. SheikYbuti says:

    And yes, I understand that PW was listed at 6’0, 190 lbs., while Major is said to have played at 6’1, 205 lbs. White was still a Smurf compared to Harris. I think the program likely understated Major’s weight.

  18. smeer says:

    Sheik – hard to read tongue in cheek?

    simply known as “the play”

    Nittany Lion jockstraps are over the field – he made six guys miss and one of them broke an ankle, the other five peed their pants.


    I think Pat White was phenomenal – incredible speed, but Major gets my vote as well. In his magical NC run in 1988, he led the nation in passing efficiency. PW would plant and then floor it. Major could throw better and juke better.

  19. smeer says:

    Dann’s found his stash without me . . . Monkey Time


    both Majors had happy feet