Tricky Tony Gibson

We talked only very briefly online …

and in print about this little wrinkle Tony Gibson was ready to iron out in Saturday’s spring game. It’s really not too exotic, but it is effective and there is a purpose for the presence. And Gibson did indeed use it in the scrimmage, though with an added twist. He went 11 up, zero down. Because Twitter happened!

(Probably not, but that’s pretty funny. I simply typed in “Tony Gibson” in my Tweet and didn’t know it would auto-fill with his Twitter handle because I guess Gibby follows me. That in turn sent him a ton of notifications every time the thing was retweeted or commented on that afternoon, and I feel bad about that nuisance he did not need. I should probably know to be extra careful on Twitter now, huh?)

We talked a lot about the defense in the spring, though there were plenty of plots to follow on the field and on the sidelines. At the end, it seems the defense is trending the right way and will follow the lead of what might be a pretty good secondary.

5 Responses to “Tricky Tony Gibson”

  1. Spatial Angel says:

    Ah Spring, when all is hopeful.

  2. Sammy says:

    I think our defense will be better, particularly against some of the Big 12 spread offenses, but our weakness is on the defensive line and overall size and I expect Alabama to really take it to us on the ground with all their offensive linemen and runningbacks.

  3. Dann White says:

    I sort of doubt that The Crimson Tide is going to be diverted by tricky new defenses, since fundamentals seem to be their stock and trade. I do usually applaud the notion of “thinking outside the box” but observation has taught me that notion rarely works out well in the game of the three-sided ball, surely Gibson knows that, doesn’t he? Of course he does.
    There has been an awful lot of PR coming out of the football program recently, I am not impressed. I will be impressed when we field a competitive team, that executes a game plan without confusion, wasted opportunities, and senseless turnovers. I don’t expect them to be in the title hunt, I expect them to continue a winning tradition that has resided in Morgantown longer than I care to remember.

  4. Ryan says:

    Well said Dann. Like the recruiting efforts for 2015 class this staff is doing.

  5. smeer says:

    so in the off-season, what are they supposed to do but try everything to sell the program to the fans? especially after the wheels fell off last year down the stretch

    it was fun. it was Spring, when who cares?

    everybody keeps saying don’t make a big deal out of Spring football and then we make a big deal out of Spring football – well – because it’s the only football we have.

    so Logan Moore and HTP and 1-10 no stacks . . .

    I agree Dann that bama won’t be impressed or change their game plan – at least we can hope that Gibby is smart enough to not run a 1-10 against a power running football team (but maybe on third and long?)

    hope springs eternal that this team will be improved. we can take heart that it finally has some depth and the third go round, which means the juniors and seniors have taken these road trips before. heck there’s even a glimmer, slight as it is, that that three-sided ball bounces funny and we sneak past Alabama (anybody else want some of the drugs I’m taking?)