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Say hello to our new friend

(Original title: “Say hello to our little friend.” Because this is about a reserve punter from southern West Virginia. But he’s 6-2 and 215. And at WVU, punters are not little. So, yeah, scratch that. But we had to do something on this kid because Houstin Syvertson has had our attention for eight months now.)

No spring football season is without its stories or without its players who are able to get just a small opportunity and make a big splash with it. For 2014 at WVU, meet Huey the Punter, the former walk-on third-string punter who is now a reserve linebacker and who got lit up by some running backs on one play and then leveled Skyler Howard a series later.

Do we expect great things our of HTP? Probably not, but he gave us a great moment in the spring game.