Logan Moore: Troublemaker?

There is a thought out there — and it is the middle of April, of course, and people are interested in selling all sorts of wares, whether in print or in hope — that Logan Moore is in the mix to play quarterback at West Virginia. We have extremes in that camp, as is the case when one is so bold, but there are some who think he can sustain his surge through the summer and then camp, and there are others who think he’ll be in a position to be available in the fall.

So one of our takeaways from the spring is that Moore gave WVU’s coaches a problem they must deal throughout this portion of the offseason. That’s a good development. Was he, or can he be, good enough to keep around at QB? Is he athletic enough and familiar enough with the offense that he could play receiver and shore up some depth, talent and productivity issues there?

That’s at least interesting and at most unexpected, no matter how it turns out in a few months.

I have no idea what the future holds because there are two other quarterbacks on the way, and to hear the coaches talk about them, they’re going to jump in line when they get a chance. More on that in a moment. For now, I have to think the coaches are more prone to trust Paul Millard and value Skyler Howard’s three years of eligibility over Moore.  Then again, you could argue Moore has more experience against like competition, and I would listen. He’s certainly been around WVU’s offense longer.

I’ll say that at the end of the spring, Howard and Moore are probably a push. Millard is your “leader,” I guess. I thought he had a nice little Saturday, and I wasn’t alone in that opinion.



He was quick with the ball, he only got sacked once and he didn’t come close to turning the ball over, which is a sizable development. All that “he can be mobile, jut not that mobile” buzz was warranted, too. That nine-yard scramble matters, if only because it wasn’t a seven-yard loss or a fumble or a forced pass into coverage.

And afterward, I was struck by how comfortable he was with the situation and the competition he was about to enter in the void. Then again, why shouldn’t he be at home? Isn’t it basically the same as it was last year? Howard:Childress::Trickett/Crest:Trickett.

Anyhow, my Moore v. Howard evaluation is based on two extended glances and also subjective. This is not: Moore proved he was more than a practice arm. He can spin it and he made the offense better during the spring, and not merely because he made sure everyone got reps without gassing the other arms.

Everything is about to be shaken up in a big-time manner soon, though. The offensive coaches will meet and rank the three spring QBs based on their pros and cons. Coaches can later watch up to two hours of film a week as part of the new NCAA rule that gives coaches access to their players for eight hours a week for eight summer weeks. Then when camp starts, the five will be chopped down to two — maybe three — fast. “Probably within the first week,” Shannon Dawson said.

Dawson then offered up quick and frank spring-based scouting reports on Millard, Howard and Moore, but also divulged what the staff already knows and thinks about recovering Clint Trickett and arriving William Crest.

Dawson said Trickett was “our best quarterback we had last year when he was healthy.” Trickett was hurt in his first start, played injured in his second, didn’t tell anyone about a concussion later and missed the following game because of the concussion. Dawson said the staff is mindful of Trickett’s size and injuries and knows WVU “better have a backup plan.”

“He’s a light kid,” Dawson said. “That’s really the evaluation of him I had when I talked to him after the season. When he’s healthy, he functions pretty good. Look at the games he was healthy in. But when you start getting banged up, you can’t function at a high level. When he got banged up, he struggled.”

Dawson called 6-foot-2, 210-pound Crest, from Baltimore’s Dunbar High, the “unknown factor,” but was quick to say that won’t be used against Crest, even though he’ll have the fewest overall practice and game opportunities to make an impression. When allowed, Crest and Dawson talk regularly because Crest is trying to get as familiar as possible before he arrives.

“We’re definitely going to give that kid a chance,” Dawson said. “There are kids who can come in early and function in that role and there are kids who can’t. I don’t know what his, I guess, maturity mentally is. Physically, you can look at him today and I don’t know how much better he’s going to look four years from right now. That’s not going to be the issue with that kid, but mental maturity, can he handle the situations, can he handle the offense, that’s a question mark.”

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  1. Bobby Heenan says:

    In watching the spring game and reading as much as I can, I too think you’re looking at a Trickett/Millard battle in the fall. I’m not sure I saw any separation between Howard and Moore, either. Millard seemed the best to me this Spring.

    I think you’re looking at a Crest redshirt year, with Trickett starting and us having a quick trigger finger (for a minor Trickett injury or poor performance) to put in a reliable, yet limited back up – Millard. We have a wild card, capable 3rd stringer with Moore.

    Question – can we redshirt Howard? Does he have 4 years to play 3 years if he goes that way.

  2. 50yrfan says:

    When Holg was first hired the media hyped us fans that his offense was easily learned with high production. With Geno and company we had that but they were already established as above average in talent. Hype told us that Holg could make a silk purse out of a hog’s ear. Now we find he can’t recruit a talented QB for his system and it takes forever to learn. I seen on this bog what is probably the real answer to all this. No matter what the hype you have to have talented players. At the QB position there doesn’t seem to be D1 talent. Maybe the new freshman QB will eventually be the answer. But with what we have seen so far I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  3. Sammy says:

    I don’t know if Moore is legitimately in the mix, but I think we were a couple of overthrown Moore deep balls from having a really interesting conversation this summer. He made good reads and guys had a step, but he just threw it a little too far for Devonte Mathis and others to run under.

    I also thought this quote was interesting:

    “Logan Moore puts it on a string, and Paul (Millard) hangs it up there. Just a few things that’s different, but nothing that would change our game,” added [Kevin] White about why it’s so hard seeing three guys taking reps behind center.


  4. I love you, Doug! says:

    Meanwhile, WVU baseball has dropped, what? Seven in a row? Is the Mazey Magic fizzling?

  5. I love you, Doug! says:

    And, question: Why doesn’t the football program publish more than five or six plays for video from the spring game? Why not archive the entire thing? The “highlights” even repeated plays. Lame-o.

  6. Drew says:

    I’m gonna say he’ll be last on the depth chart come fall unless you count Crest while red-shirting. There is very little chance Crest can learn the offense enough to function at full speed. There is a reason so many fifth year guys started under Dana in Lubbock.

    There just aren’t enough snaps to go around for Moore. Trickett will start most games and Millard will back him up – that’s if Trickett is actually healthy. I have my doubts about that. I won’t be surprised if Millard is out there first thing in Atlanta. Either way the guy needs to be the guy early so there’s no revolving door like last year. We know none of them willl be great – at least not next season – so just pick one and stick with him within reason. It does no good to have an already mediocre guy looking over his shoulder at all times.

  7. I’m very confident in saying that if Logan Moore is a legitimate option at QB, then we have a real problem.

    There shouldn’t be a question as to Millard, Trickett, and even Howard being more viable candidates for the job.

    Then again, if you have to ask the question…

  8. smeer says:

    who was at the game and what did they eye test show you?

    who had the most zip on the ball?

    who was the most mobile?

    who can run the O – knows it?

    Would Logan Moore’s two years as Fairmont be comparable competition to Howard’s one in CA juco? that might tell a lot – because Logan came in as a frosh and lit it up against upperclassman in the WVIAC.

    The question about Skyler’s redshirt is a good one. If the two are equal, then why not redshirt Skyler and put Logan third?

    And if the season boils down to a third string QB, then does it really matter? Skyler at this point is not the savior.

    If they moved Logan to WR, the coaches saw he was an athlete. Does he have an arm to go with his legs? FYI – he showed up as scout team champion a few times as QB.

    I say, don’t sell him short – being on 5/11 (5/9 without cleats?) could be why he ended up at FSU (not the one in Tallahassee)

    can’t coach more height out of him, but if our Tackles don’t improve then Trickett or Millard will not be long for the world – this team will need a mobile QB and Moore fits that bill.

    I wasn’t at the game and only saw the “replay/repeat” highlights, so I’ll defer to others

  9. Frederick says:

    Game #1 depth chart.

    1. Trickett (if healed)
    2. Millard

    That’s easy as Moore looked OK but definitely did not beat out Millard which is what he would have to do. People are just rooting for the ones they’ve never seen in games because they didn’t like what they saw in games last year. People are now pushing Moore because Howard was obviously a major letdown and everyone knows he’s not going to play this year, if ever.

    What’s harder to say is who gets the call if we have to go to #3 due to injuries or extreme ineffectiveness. Ordinarily, I’d agree that Moore would get the call because Crest is going to be a project and it would make sense to redshirt him. The old why trade a player’s best year for his worst position is sensible.

    These are not ordinary times though. These are desperate times for Holgorsen. He’s not going to save Crest so he can have his best year under a different coach. If Crest is close to what the hype says, he will probably play if we get down to option #3. The only way I would see that not happening if both Trickett and Millard are out is if Holgorsen gets canned midseason and someone else makes the decision to redshirt Crest.

  10. JC says:

    I’ll take this even further….if Moore is a legit option to start, Holgo should be fired. A walk on?!?!? Really?!?!?

    Millard was far and away the best in the spring game, which itself is concerning. I didn’t see Howard’s supposed speed either, or maybe the defensive speed made him look ordinary. None of the 3 have a good arm, although neither does Trickett.

    If Crest can even come close to driving, hand him the keys. People may be more forgiving of a horrible season with the QB of the future playing….maybe

  11. Bobby Heenan says:

    It’s a tough call for Dana on so many levels.

    If you have a horrible year you can maybe keep your job with the promise of unveiling an unseen redshirt freshman stud Crest. Or do you play him in hopes that he shows enough promise to give WVU fans enough hope to seeDana for another year?

    Obviously, you play the best you’ve got day 1 – likely Trickett or Millard. But if their best looks like a 1-3 or 2-5 start (both definitely possible), then what? Do we see Crest then? I personally hope we RS him, but a desperate coach may play him.

  12. Logan Moore is not a legitimate option at QB.

    I cannot state that more emphatically.

  13. Paul says:

    Then you obviously didn’t watch any spring ball, Clarence.

  14. smeer says:

    here’s a different take on playing Crest – which I realize may be borne out of necessity

    if we start on this cycle – Crest becomes THE starting QB for four years, there will be some other legit QB prospects who will look elsewhere rather than sit three years behind an incumbent. do we end up in this feast or famine – no depth behind the starter.

    Was there no depth behind Geno because good QBs would rather play than sit and Geno had the position locked?

    Baylor’s Florence was a system QB that waited patiently behind RG3, but how many kids are like that? (Millard on a lesser scale)

    UNLESS – and we’ve seen it at Ohlahoma most notably with the Bulldozer – you give a frosh a chance to play/platoon – not start – by giving him a package or two or put him in certain game situations.

    I’m thinking long term, to be a consistent winner, we’ve got to get on a cycle of grooming these guys in the “system.” But I know that right now maybe HCDH (and surely the fans) are seeing the urgency of this year.

  15. WVU FAN4-LIFE says:

    You guys must not know anything or do you remember anything from last year!!! Millard is awful he had 1 good throw the entire spring game both his TD’S were give mes against the 3rd team D Holgs even stated it.. Logan Moore is by far the best QB they have there right now Crest might give him a run..All last year Moore tore up the frist team D in practice and Holgs was even heard stating that he cant put a walk on out there it would ruin his rep..Well guess what i dont care if he crawled on if the boy can play and gives us the best shot to WIN they i say lets go…Millard was awful last year and again will be awful this year we need a guy who can run and throw and Logan Moore is that guy…

  16. SheikYbuti says:

    Welcome to the blog, WVU FAN4-LIFE. The unfortunate truth, as least as I see it:

    1. Trickett is average, at best.

    2. Millard is below average.

    3. Howard is below average and lacks experience in the system.

    4. Crest is probably unsuited, by virtue of inexperience, to be a high-major QB, such that playing him this coming season would likely be an act of desperation.

    5. Moore will probably never be suited, by virtue of limited physical ability, to be a high-major QB, such that playing him at all would likely be an act of desperation.

    And there is your WVU QB hierarchy. I do not think HCDH will be shown the door, regardless of record, until it is seen what Crest can do (caveat: if the overhauled defense is again among the worst statistically, that could be the catalyst for dismissal). And the jury won’t be on Crest until after the 2015 season, at the earliest.

  17. Paul,

    How much does spring ball performance truly matter? How indicative is it of future performance?

    Let’s ask Jordan Thompson…

  18. I love you, Doug! says:

    Are we certain we didn’t just hear from THIS LOGAN MOORE FATHER?

  19. WVU FAN4-LIFE,

    Unless you have something to back up those claims (i.e. Holgorsen saying that he couldn’t start a walk-on), I’m not buying a word of what you’re selling.

    Moore went 10-21 in the Spring Game and had a few scrambles against the 2nd-team defense. That’s somehow cause for including him in the starting QB discussion?

    If you’re basing decisions on the Spring Game (a glorified scrimmage), I think that calls into question your ability to evaluate talent.

  20. BIGRED says:

    Logan Moore had the best Spring Practice
    if you listen to the players’ comments.
    He is the best option for winning now. His
    athletic ability and live arm is apparent.
    However, I don’t think these coaches egos
    will allow them to give him a real shot.
    He would have a better chance if playing
    if he was from Texas.

  21. Josh24601 says:

    Really disappointed WVU FAN4-LIFE doesn’t spell it “LYFE.” #waitingforthefallsohard

  22. avb31 says:

    Moore was 10-21, but he also had some drops that would have made his stats look much better. Is he a starting QB? No. Are Millard and Howard THAT much better than Moore. Again, No.

    IMO, Moore > Howard. At least right now.

  23. smeer says:

    love all this banter

  24. lowercase four lyphe says:

    you guys dont know anything!

  25. chocolate covered bacon says:

    Moore may be the third QB behind Trickett/Millard, and my bet is Trickett is penciled in as the starter right now. However, should Crest come in and knock everyone’s socks off, Moore becomes the number two QB on the depth chart.

    Dawson stated last week that Crest is physically ready to play in the FBS, it’s a mental question. Or is he mature enough on a mental level to handle the FBS. The answer to that question changes the offense that Holgorsen employs enough that Trickett and Millard get knocked down the depth chart. Moore then becomes Crest’s backup.

    Call me crazy, but there are two quarterback camps, one with Trickett as the starter and one with Crest. Crest and Moore can compete in Trickett’s and Millard’s offense. Trickett and Millard cannot compete in Crest’s and Moore’s.

    The argument could be made that the offense is primed to excel with a dual threat QB running the show. It boils down to Holgorsen’s willingness to adjust his offense and anyone that believes he wouldn’t if he had the QB…

  26. Let me make this clear: I feel that the best player should be the starter.

    I just don’t see Logan Moore as being that player, Spring practice be damned.

    In my opinion, it’s a race between Trickett, Millard and Howard. Unless Crest comes in and is head and shoulders above the pack, he’s got a redshirt coming. Howard is still only a sophomore and is brand new to the offense, so there’s a learning curve and it will take him some time.

    I know, I know…Dana is supposed to plug players right into his scheme. That was the case when he inherited experienced QBs (is it any wonder that Millard seems to have a grasp on things?). That being said, Holgorsen should be able to find a suitable QB and it falls on him to get more from that position this coming season.

    I’m not thrilled with our prospects at QB to say the least. Despite these less than perfect options, however, I simply don’t agree that Moore is a viable option. If you’re talking about Moore being an option because of his play this Spring, need I remind you that Millard also supposedly had a good Spring? It’s neither here nor there.

  27. As for the fear of William Crest winning the job outright and scaring away potential QB recruits, there are worse problems to have…like we problem we have now.

  28. chocolate covered bacon says:

    Right now there are five QB’s in the mix. Three of those QB’s are dual threat “type”. The other two need a pocket to work from. All I am saying is the future of the QB position at WVU involves a dual threat QB.

    Moore was used as a scout team QB last season to run a dual threat type of offense when needed. Add that to his spring showing and there could be something. That puts him above Howard, along with his familiarity with the offense.

    I just don’t think this will be a repeat of last season on offense. The numbers may end up looking similar, the path the team used to get to those numbers will not be close to the same. Essentially, for Holgorsen to be replaced as head coach in Morgantown, no way he leaves any bullets in his gun, future be damned.

    Any coach that goes for it on fourth and whatever as often as he does…

  29. ffejbboc says:

    If it’s a “wash” after the fall and none of the QBs have seperated themselves from the pack, look for Holgorsen to go with the youngest guy.

    If they are all equal and no one is clearly better than the other, it only makes sense to go with Crest or Howard.

  30. SheikYbuti says:

    Well, if anyone wondered whether Logan Moore is indeed a troublemaker, even the most cursory look at this thread ought to erase all doubt.

  31. lowercase jeff says:

    i will now, for the benefit of this rag tag bunch of misfits, and, perhaps, all of mankind past, present, and, future, share my 5 core thoughts on the state of this program. enjoy, print, and, keep safely.

    1. holgorsen is an extremely talented offensive mind. he has been field tested under many different circumstances. i believe in him. in my own mind i have to even consider his dismissal. i place no small piece of blame on the shoulders of the previous regime. the team was undermanned and untalented. to me, holgorsen’s ceiling is so high that i wish to give him as much time as is necessary to reach it.

    2. the qbs are an interesting bunch. i tire of hearing where they come from, who recruited them, or what their highlight tape looked like. the player that plays the best should play the most. i dont care who it is.

    3. the roster is average and the team’s performance will be average. wvu is a mid level program. we get mid level players. we have sparks of brilliance when we have brilliant players. major and pat made us national powers for brief periods that died the moment they left. i wonder what geno’s senior year would have looked like in the big east, but i digress. the point is, when we do not have a singular talent that is the best player on the field no matter who we play, we are what we are now. a team of ok players.

    4. i hate the lack of positivity around the team. at the root of it, i am a mountaineer because i want to be a mountaineer. not because i need 10 win seasons or bowl games. game day is fun. road trips are fun. wearing the colors is fun. i read these posts and wonder why some of you havent found other hobbies yet. i very much enjoy wvu football. losing sucks, and we’ve been doing a lot of it, but even if we won, we’d still be mountain folk marrying our cousins who have to go to work the next day. in the truest sense, i dont care if we win or lose. meaning, i aint going anywhere. as long as we arent creeps, thugs, quitters, or, cheaters, im here for the party. there will be beers.

    5. i hate big 12. i hate it so much. i cant wait until we are “home” again. i am not as certain as i once was that the ACC was not a possibility. whatever though, that has passed. i hope and believe the big 12 is a temporary arrangement and when the dust settles and 60 or so schools make their own way, we will be back where we belong.

  32. lowercase jeff says:

    “in my own mind i have *YET* to even consider his dismissal.”

    big difference.

    that type may change the tone of the sentence that followed it, as well, so let me be clear: i blame the previous regime for under-populating the roster with D1 players.

  33. lowercase jeff says:

    bigred – i struggle with the idea that coaches in dire need of wins would not start a player because their ego, when, in doing so, holgorsen’s reputation as a maker of QBs would only be heightened by the uncovering of yet another gem. just say what you mean – “i dont like these coaches”. then, say why: “they arent winnning”. nothing wrong with that.

  34. glibglub says:

    lcj, as usual, leaves me inclined to just post ditto marks.

  35. smeer says:

    clarence – in one breath – Logan is not the guy but Skyler is. based on?

    eye test? highlights? pedigree?

    I’m not arguing that logan should be a starter – only perhaps third string – but I am deferring to those who watched him (and Howard) play

    tell me why you feel so strongly? (and I am not being adversarial – I just want to know what you are basing your assessment on)

    on another note – if ADOLuck and HCDH have a good working relationship – then OL seems like the type to stick with HCDH as long as there is progress and part of that progress is QB play. As lcj stated, I still believe DH’s ceiling is high – but the program has gone through extreme transition with finally enough bodies to practice

    bacon I suspect that the truth does not lie in which scheme will win out in a shootout between mobile and pocket passers during August.

    My hunch is a healthy Trickett gets the start but Crest will be eased in with package that he can absorb (and excel at), much like OU used the Bulldozer. They will continue to feed Crest more of the playbook and depending on Trickett’s production, we could see more and more of Crest.

    Millard plays if Trickett gets hurt with the same scenario.

    In that sense Logan could/would be a placeholder for Crest’s arrival and this Spring was a chance for the O to work on some of that mobile QB stuff when the Baltimore School system wouldn’t play nice and let Crest graduate early.

    I still would entertain – in the offseason – that Logan is our third string QB – over Howard – until Howard learns the “three-day playbook.” Which doesn’t mean a hill of beans when Trickett and Crest arrive – who most likely be 1 and 1A on the depth chart.

    HCDH will play whoever he can with, but he’s not holding four aces. be nice if he eve has one – but he doesn’t.

    let’s all agree to disagree some more . . .

  36. smeer says:

    *whoever he can WIN with . . .”

  37. SheikYbuti says:

    HCDH’s problem is that he’s holding a three, a seven, the Jack of Cups, the yellow divider thingy that casinos use to cut blackjack shoes, and the card in the Bicycle poker deck explaining that a flush beats a straight.

  38. smeer,

    Just look at Moore’s stats during his D2 days. Look at his completion percentage and the number of picks that he threw relative to TDs while at Fairmont State…and remember that it was against D2 competition. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

    Howard, on that other hand, was a standout performer at the JUCO level where players often make the jump to D1 after a good season or two. How often do you hear of D2 players making that jump?

    I am willing to wager that Howard has more upside than Moore. Also consider that Moore probably should be a bit ahead of Howard at this point. Logan’s been in the offense long enough to have changed from QB to WR to QB, while Howard has a Spring of practice under his belt.

    Here’s another point: Paul Millard has been a starting QB on this team. Paul Millard had a good Spring by most accounts. Does that inspire confidence in Millard as a QB? Doesn’t seem like it. Therefore, why should we have confidence in Logan Moore considering that he’s been nothing more than a scout team QB up to this point? It doesn’t follow at all.

    The intrigue surrounding Moore is that he’s a WV kid who had a good Spring and supposedly brings the “dual threat” capability. That’s the new buzzword these days and it’s also part of the intrigue that surrounds Howard and Crest.

    We go through this every Spring: someone has a good round of practices and draws attention…and often fizzles out when it matters most. I’m simply not buying the hype, and in my opinion it’s for good reason.

  39. smeer says:

    I hear what you’re saying about Moore but i’ve also learned to put little stock in highlight tapes. I’m not sure (yet) Howard is all that – again a kid in the heart of QB country that nobody sniffs at. Juco is also loaded with underclassman who won’t make it to Div 1 as well. obviously Howard was hampered in not knowing the system. So not sure why you rate him so high – with so little proven.

    my primary point (and maybe you were pointing at others in terms of hype) is to compare Moore and Howard for #3 on the depth chart. Who would be more capable at running things if Trickett and Millard went down? (scary thought that they are our two best and scary thought if we have to rely on Moore or Howard?)

    That’s Spring – and every thing could change through the summer – especially with the coaches getting to watch film with them through the off-season. Maybe Howard is a quick study.

    I still have changed my tune somewhat and think HCDH needs Crest in a limited role and will use him – they are force feeding him the playbook through the summer. Trickett should be wiser, but not sure he can make it through a season. Will the O-line improve enough to 1. keep Trickett healthy? or 2. give “I hear footsteps” Millard peace in the pocket?

    IF HCDH uses Crest wisely, it bodes well that other good QB prospects would sign knowing they will at least smell the field as frosh and sophomores. We’re seeing the vacuum left by Geno’s run and Stews inability to attract and keep QB talent. Brunetti – would he have been a senior last year or this year (last I think but too lazy to research) would have been that “dual threat” QB everyone is salivating over.

    the “why can’t HCDH recruit a QB?” mantra is getting louder.

    Millard was a last-minute we-need-arms pickup in DH’s first shortened recruiting season – now a senior.
    We all salivated at Childress’ pedigree – gone
    The “dual threat” Chavas kid who turned tail after Spring ball (it wasn’t too long ago that HCDH said he doesn’t like running his QB – necessity is the mother of invention? (remember this? http://blogs.charlestondailymail.com/wvu/2012/05/29/what-was-wvu-thinking-recruiting-this-guy/
    Trickett recruited himself to WVU
    now Howard (who fills the class and glass that Chavas vacated)
    and Crest

    2 seniors (3 if you count Moore), no juniors, a sophomore and a true frosh

    just writing that gives me pause. Unless he brings in another juco, It’s Crest or Howard (or true-frosh wunderkid/savior QB yet-to-be-named) in 2015 which I why I think Crest is gonna get some grooming this year. Expecting/assuming DH to be back in 2015, there’s no way he would want to hand the 2015 keys to a QB with no game experience.

  40. chocolate covered bacon says:

    Name a team in the Big 12, past Baylor, that is settled at the QB position? Take it one step further, what team in the Big 12 returns the most talent? Graduation was not kind to the Big 12.

    I do not buy the standing belief that WVU will be an also ran as a member of the Big 12. I would argue the opposite. History is on my side in this argument, WVU has always competed favorably in whatever sudo conference they competed.

    At the end of the day not all 5-7 records are created equal. HCDH gets another year if he bests that record, and maybe another year if he matches it. There is a 14 day break leading into the Kansas game and a nine day break heading into the Iowa State game. Should Holgorsen lose both this year…

    On the outside there are five games that should be counted as losses. The rest are up for grabs. Obviously there will be a team in the Big 12 that rises and it probably won’t be our Mountaineers. Too many questions on too many levels. However, excellent QB play changes the dynamic considerably. A 5-7 record this year in the Big 12 might be the same as a 4-8 record from last year.

    My point, the race in the Big 12 is muddy at best for 2014. Most of the questions facing our favorite team face every other team in the Big 12. I could care less the name of our starting QB, or his background. What matters to me is the score at the end of the game(s).

  41. avb31 says:

    OU – Trevor Knight
    ISU – Grant Rohach
    UT – David Ash
    Tech – Davis Webb
    KSU – Jake Waters
    Baylor – Bryce Petty

    I’d say these guys are firmly entrenched as starters. Each has either already put up good numbers on us or had impressive performances in bowl games. TCU is a wreck at QB. I wouldn’t say KU is settled at QB, but the guy that beat us last year was a true freshman. OSU might be in trouble at QB, but if the light comes on for Walsh they might be OK.

  42. SheikYbuti says:

    We’re settled at QB too. It’s going to be Trickett, until he gets hurt in the 2nd quarter of the opener. The other options are too depressing to consider. Having seen Trickett play several games, we wish it were unsettled, but Oliver Luck isn’t walking through that door. Well, he is, but he has no eligibility remaining.

  43. smeer,

    Again, my reasoning is simple: I rate Howard over Moore based on Howard’s performance in JUCO compared to Moore’s performance in D2.

    In my opinion, you are likely to face better overall competition in JUCO than D2.

    I didn’t say that JUCO players always make the jump to FBS. However, more JUCO players make the jump to FBS than D2 players. Therefore, I believe that you are probably going to face better competition in JUCO as compared to D2.

    With that in mind, take a look at the stats…

    Howard’s JUCO stats over one season:
    Passing – 219/325 (67.4%) , 3,151 yards, 33 TDs, 6 INTs
    Rushing – 108 carries, 343 yards (3.2 per), 5 TDs

    Moore’s D2 stats over two seasons:
    Passing – 277/547 (50.6%), 3,546 yards, 31 TDs, 25 INTs
    Rushing – 170 carries, 778 yards (4.57 per), 10 TDs

    I’m not basing my opinion on film. I’m basing it on the premise that Howard’s performance was (1) better than Moore’s, and (2) came against better competition. The statistics seem to reflect that. It’s inductive reasoning.

    I see Howard as a more legitimate option than Moore based upon what history tells me. I see Moore as a middling QB at the D2 level who was brought on as an extra practice arm and got himself a cup of coffee in the Spring thanks to Trickett being hurt. Howard has greater upside than that, whereas this is as good as it gets for Moore.

  44. chocolate covered bacon says:

    Ash at Texas has a broken foot and is likely out for the season, or the majority of the season

    Webb at TTU is the only quarterback left on the roster, if he goes down to injury…

    Mayfield has played much better than Knight at OU this spring, and Knight didn’t have a stellar 2013 season overall. The only game he played well in was the bowl game against Alabama, granted that was a huge game, still.

    Rohach at ISU is a sophomore and with the exception of the games against WVU and Kansas never threw for more that 190 yards in a game, he is far from a polished QB. Could he be, certainly, the jury is still out at this point.

    Waters is good too, I should have added him with Petty, good call.

    My basic point is there are a lot of question marks at the QB position in the Big 12 this season.

  45. DUBV4LYF says:

    @ paul Pretty sure Moore had a 30 yard scramble the 2nd longest play from scrimmage besides squirts 42 yard reception