Dana Holgorsen talks spring football

He begins with the immediacy of the quarterback conundrum and then covers all the bases after Saturday’s spring game.

14 Responses to “Dana Holgorsen talks spring football”

  1. Bob Hertzel seems to think that Logan Moore has “proven that he belongs in the mix” at QB.

    No he hasn’t, and he isn’t in the mix. He has no business in the discussion.

    Hertzel’s “analysis” is putrid. Frigging putrid.

  2. SheikYbuti says:

    I think Hertzel would say, “Quarterbacks are like clowns. The more of them you can fit in that little car, the harder it is to see who’s driving.” Or something like that.

  3. Dann White says:

    Hey, did anyone else get a kick out of Dana’s new wardrobe? I think it goes well with the recent additions of people with WVU connections to the staff.
    Perhaps there is something to that “school spirit” thing after all, and maybe coach is beginning to see the wisdom of it.


  4. Rugger says:

    If Saban is a 5 star coach, Dana has to be a 3 star at best. He’s been humbled and is learning but how do you end up w Millard and Trickett as best case? He knows head coaches live and die on qb’s and I bet he’s sweating like a gypsy with a mortgage over Trickett’s rehabilitation.

    I am excited about the defense but their dominance could be misleading.

  5. Paul says:

    #HotSportsTakes from Clarence Oveur.

  6. Dann White,

    Do you honestly believe that Dana’s wardrobe has been an issue? That his wearing gold and blue somehow has a bearing on his success?

    If so, are you sure that you’re not mistaking noise for the signal?

  7. netbros says:

    I had a horrible thought. You know those math questions they used to ask on standardized tests? They went kinda like this: what is the next number in this sequence? 2,4,6? The number of course is 8.

    Well, here are some more numbers: 10, 7, 4. The next number would be 1, right? You guessed it. Those are the number of wins in Holgorsen’s first three seasons as head coach. 1 seems like an impossible trajectory, but really, name any game next year that West Virginia will be a clear favorite.

    I told you it was a horrible thought. Makes me shudder.

  8. Spatial Angel says:

    Dann White,

    Don’t let the naysayers poop on your parade.


  9. smeer says:

    glass half empty netbros?

    sequencing works in math but not football

    it’s way to early for me to start playing the won-loss game, but besides the question, “where is WVU a clear favorite?” you also have to ask

    where is WVU a clear underdog?
    where is WVU a slight underdog?
    a toss up?
    a slight favorite?

    that’s where the debating will begin – the ball bounces funny so any number of scenarios can play out

    but I do know this, it’s not gonna be a fun season unless our tackles can keep our QB from getting tackled and that some QB rises up that can run a semblance of our HCDH’s offense.

  10. pcpolice says:

    Rugger, Gypsies are members of a bona fide ethnic group. Your comment is tantmount to a racial slur.

  11. Rugger says:

    Really? Acknowledging that an ethnic group that is historically nomadic doesn’t do mortgages well is an ethnic slur? It’s really hard to keep up with what is politically correct these days. Are you sure you are legit pcpolice?

    Having said that, if I’ve offended any Gypsies, Frenchmen, Native Americans, Irishmen or anybody else, my sincere apologies.

  12. SheikYbuti says:

    Maybe you should have said “sweating like a rugby player at an AA meeting?”


  13. SheikYbuti says:

    Gypsies. Sweating. Works for me.