Howard and Millard more alike than you think

The headline on today’s story — as I type this, it’s “Millard, Howard different quarterbacks” — is cheeky and at the same time perfect.

For certain, Paul and Skyler are different entities in this spring’s quarterback competition. One is older. One is far more mobile. One knows better what to do with the ball. One is better at giving himself a chance to make a play. One probably has a stronger arm and one probably makes more accurate throws, but I’m not exactly clear who is who there.

Anyhow, true, they’re far from similar, except when you consider Shannon Dawson is treating them the same. There is a simple job one or the other and ideally both must perform and Dawson doesn’t care how one or the other or both do it, as lone as one or the other or both are successful at distributing the ball no matter the circumstances.

“There are times the protection will break down and a guy will come scot-free,” Dawson said. “What I’d like to see when that happens, especially when it happens in a critical situation, is for you to avoid that guy and go make a play. We’re not going to call perfect plays. It comes down to space and repetitions and people executing.

“The kids out there are at least comfortable enough to where they can be in the right place to execute plays when bad things happen. At some points, you’re going to have to avoid guys and extend a play. The more you can do that, the better we’re going to be.”

22 Responses to “Howard and Millard more alike than you think”

  1. I love you, Doug! says:

    That headline just sent a chill down the collective spine of Mountaineer Nation.

  2. I love you, Doug! says:

    Also, how mobile is Logan Moore? Or does it not matter, because he’s only going to be scrambling on the sideline?

  3. Rugger says:

    We’re playing possum. Right?

  4. Kevin says:

    It really concerns me that it isn’t clear whether Howard or Millard has the stronger and more accurate arm. I don’t think we can reasonably expect Crest to be the answer this year either.

    So, I am going to hope that Trickett recovers well from his injury, gains a better understanding of the offense and that the rumors that he was encumbered by injury in every game except for the Ok St game. I think that might be our best case scenario.

  5. Drew says:

    How is Dawson saying anything other than “Well, it won’t be Paul” with that statement?

    Millard couldn’t escape a crawling infant let alone an athletic defensive end he doesn’t see coming.

    Slight exaggeration there, but he honestly looks like he’s the slowest I can remember a WVU QB being in the pocket. Even Chad Johnston would almost make it to the sideline before he got sacked. Millard has virtually no chance of escaping any serious pressure.

  6. Drew says:

    Rugger – Yes, Bama is going to have us for dinner.

  7. Crawling Infant says:


  8. Spatial Angel says:

    Greatest upset of all time.

  9. Rugger says:

    Drew, I’ve been looking for an occasion to start drinking again. The Bama game could be perfect.

    Just remember we’re making $3MM from that game which will pay for 102 toilets and a new inflatable helmet.

  10. smeer says:

    wheel of fortune – before and after

    pepperoni roll Tide

  11. Spatial Angel says:

    An anagram for crimson tide…dormice nits.

  12. Rugger says:

    It’s got to be better than the Kick Off Classic vs Nebraska when our best player was Sauerbraun.

  13. Bobby Heenan says:

    Another thing they have/had in common: WVU was the only BCS conference school that gave either of them an offer.

  14. I love you, Doug! says:

    Things That Move Faster Than a Paul Millard Scramble:
    – crawling infant
    – sleeping infant
    – pain impulse from tail of Apatosaurus to brain
    – fossil of Apatosaurus
    – Tim Conway Shuffling Old Man character
    – glacier
    – 75-year-old Jerry West
    – statue of Jerry West

  15. smeer says:

    well played ILYD

    and very true BH

  16. Mike Casazza says:

    Comments really took an unexpected turn on this one … not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  17. 50yrfan says:

    I was setting beside some Texas fans at the game. There were fun people and nice to talk sports with. After watching Millard one of them turn to me and said “he really is that bad”, you guys deserve better”. He wasn’t being insincere or rubbing it in. When WVU made good plays he has positive comments. Bad when your opposition feels bad for you.

  18. Collectively, our Quarterbacks couldn’t pour piss out of a cowboy boot if the directions were on the heel.

  19. Drew says:

    On the plus side, at the practice in Charleston it looked like Paul had some zip on some of his throws. I was very surprised. The caveat, though, obviously, is there is no threat of getting hit in practice. He threw from his back foot a lot last year. Will he still step into throws when actually pressured and hit?

    I knock on the poor guy a lot, but I really like a lot about him. I love his gunslinger attitude. He knows how to run the offense very well. Maybe if we had a better line or he had a stronger arm/quicker release he could be more effective. It’s just unfortunate he doesn’t have the physical tools to excel in the BigXII.

  20. lowercase jeff says:

    i have a 4 day road trip planned around the bama game. 4 national forests, 1800 miles, 33 hrs of driving. i do not expect the game to be a highlight.

  21. JC says:

    It’s too early for me to be worried about the QB’s……It’s too early for me to be worried about the QB’s……It’s too early for me to be worried about the QB’s……It’s too early for me to be worried about the QB’s……
    {pours a shot}
    {chugs rest of bottle}

  22. Rugger says:

    Some good news for the Bama game.

    21 more of these and I like our chances.