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Howard and Millard more alike than you think

The headline on today’s story — as I type this, it’s “Millard, Howard different quarterbacks” — is cheeky and at the same time perfect.

For certain, Paul and Skyler are different entities in this spring’s quarterback competition. One is older. One is far more mobile. One knows better what to do with the ball. One is better at giving himself a chance to make a play. One probably has a stronger arm and one probably makes more accurate throws, but I’m not exactly clear who is who there.

Anyhow, true, they’re far from similar, except when you consider Shannon Dawson is treating them the same. There is a simple job one or the other and ideally both must perform and Dawson doesn’t care how one or the other or both do it, as lone as one or the other or both are successful at distributing the ball no matter the circumstances.

“There are times the protection will break down and a guy will come scot-free,” Dawson said. “What I’d like to see when that happens, especially when it happens in a critical situation, is for you to avoid that guy and go make a play. We’re not going to call perfect plays. It comes down to space and repetitions and people executing.

“The kids out there are at least comfortable enough to where they can be in the right place to execute plays when bad things happen. At some points, you’re going to have to avoid guys and extend a play. The more you can do that, the better we’re going to be.”