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Big role awaits Smallwood

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This sudden wave Wendell Smallwood has made as the second-best inside receiver and single-most intriguing offensive player in WVU’s spring football really isn’t new. You’ll remember last season that Smallwood’s star started to shine and it led me to ask if what I thought I saw was really happening: Were the Mountaineers grooming Smallwood to replace Charles Sims?

And way back in late November, the answer was an unequivocal “Duh.”

Very little has changed since then for the Mountaineers, who practice for the 11th time today and then again before the public at 1 p.m. Saturday at Laidley Field in Charleston. I said this is Smallwood’s spring, and I can’t believe that’s a very bold opinion.

But the “what” does not interest me. It rarely ever does as much as the “how” or “why” always seem to suffice. And for Smallwood, this is his spring because he made bold moves in the winter after a bobble in early December.

(Aside: Scoop & Score podcast is available now. Heavy on me, features Wu, lacks a guest.)