Your autophobic 2013 WVU secondary

I think WVU seeks to play more man-to-man defense this coming season. Not exclusively, but not rarely, either. A year ago, the Mountaineers tinkered with it and then seemed to abandon it.

This being spring and spring being about exploration and explanation in my line of work, I tend to favor one of those stories over the other.

So, sure, it’s news that Tony Gibson, in his first season as the defensive coordinator, wants to man up more than before, though I don’t find his reason to be all that shocking. In short, he feels a lot better about this year’s group than he did about last year’s group, but, yeah, spring football, y’all.

Then again, it’s the the specific feelings and the differences between them that grabbed my ears. If he feels confident about this year’s group, he must have had an opposite impression of last year’s group. And so it was that I found his confession for why WVU didn’t and wouldn’t lean more on it last season to be enlightening.

8 Responses to “Your autophobic 2013 WVU secondary”

  1. glibglub says:

    Is it safe to Google “autophobic” at work?

  2. SheikYbuti says:

    “Autophobic” = irrational, intense fear of all things relating to Sgt. Snorkel’s dog

  3. I love you, Doug! says:

    Fear of the great German soccer coach, Auto Pfister.

  4. Bobby Heenan says:

    Good article, Mike.

    I will be interested to see if Bell makes it back on the roster. I think his addition either for CB depth or for him to get a look back at FS could be helpful. Obviously, he’s got discipline issues, so we may never see him…but if got it together and eventually won Dana’s approval then his abilities would be helpful.

    I think overall the talent and depth is improving; free safety could be interesting for us this year, but hopefully improved CB play and more rush/qb pressure minimizes lack of experience on the back end.

  5. I love you, Doug! says:

    I always thought the WVU secondary is agoraphobic: fear of open spaces.

  6. Bobby Heenan says:

    ILY,D – I think fear of intimacy with opposing receivers is a more appropriate diagnosis. There are plenty of open spaces out there with the WVU secondary.

  7. smeer says:

    ILYD – thought it was the opposite – claustrophobia – a fear of being in tight spaces – too close to receivers?

    seems to me they did just fine with open spaces

    that would explain alot

  8. Letgomtnrs says:

    Man to man coverage seems to be the main device in slowing down the spread passing offenses. The Air Raid was build on receivers finding the open spaces between DB’s playing zone. If they can lock up on the receivers man to man it makes it much more difficult for the offense to succeed. So you need bigger and more athletic receivers that can out run and out jump the DB’s. Oh and a QB with a bigger arm that can throw the ball down field to open up the underneath routes.