Oh, hey, some good news

West Virginia! Your team went 4-8 last season but plays the the 12-easiest sched … oh, crap. The Mountaineers play the 12th-hardest schedule in the country next season.

True, true. It’s a perfectly imperfect ranking system perpetuated by the NCAA, but I think we can agree a schedule with eight opponents that played in a bowl, plus Towson, is a mouthful.

Also … Marshall. What a season that might be in Huntington.

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  1. at Miami (OH)
    Rhode Island
    at Akron
    at Old Dominion
    @ FIU
    @ Southern Miss
    @ UAB
    Western Kentucky

    Forgive me if I’m not impressed by the prospect of Marshall having a great season…

  2. Bob Hertzel's Clown says:

    Marshall’s schedule should be wearing a wig, a big red nose, and a wig! What a joke!

    Also, put me down for them losing to ODU!

  3. Drew says:

    Did the herd go back to the fcs? Yikes.

  4. SheikYbuti says:

    They likely won’t run the table. Ohio gives them fits, Southern Miss is on the rebound in Hattiesburg after being lousy for a couple of years, and strange things tend to happen to the Herd down in Birmingham in November. If they do go undefeated, they can play in the Fiesta, Cotton, or Chick-fil-A Bowls, which is a pretty good deal. No chance that they will qualify for the playoff with that schedule, though.

  5. I love you, Doug! says:

    Is it just because I do messaging for a living that, upon second reading of Hertzel’s apology, it looks like he was apologizing that the Tweet went public, not that he believes Holgo is a clown?

    “I would like to publicly and sincerely apologize to WVU Coach Dana Holgorsen for calling him a clown yesterday in a tweet that went public.”

    Sort of like that non-apology you hear all the time these days, “We’re sorry if you took offense…” not that, “We’re sorry that we offended…”

  6. Drew says:

    I don’t feel Bob needs to apologize for his opinion. There’s nothing wrong with Bob calling him a clown in private. It’s bad taste to do so publicly. That part was an accident. He’s not sorry he called him a clown. His opinion doesn’t change because it became public. Apologies to that effect are disengenuous and, thus, entirely worthless.

  7. According to last season’s FEI Ratings, WVU’s strength of schedule was 40th and we all know how that went…so there’s that.

  8. Sammy says:

    I think Hertzel’s opinion is a little over the top, but the non-apology/apology was hilarious.

  9. I love you, Doug! says:

    You never know what wisdom will flow from Dale Wolfley’s pen. Here’s his lede today:

    “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” is a song released and performed by the heavy metal band Metallica. This song, maybe surprising to some, is inspired by the great 20th century literary work of the same name written by Ernest Hemingway. In this 1940 classic, Hemingway’s protagonist is Robert Jordan, an American fighting in the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s. The gist of the story is about loyalty and finishing the job with an iron will, despite facing incredibly difficult circumstances and inevitable doom.

  10. SheikYbuti says:

    Well, at least the name of the song may have been inspired by the Hemingway novel. I prefer AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells.”

    Incidentally, I agree with Drew on the Hertzel “apology.” It wasn’t necessary; he did far more damage to his own professional reputation with the botched DM than he ever could have to Holgorsen’s.

  11. I love you, Doug! says:

    Possible future lede for Wolf’s Huddle:

    ” “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger” is the “hook” to a song by popular singer Kelly Clarkson.

    This song, maybe surprising to some, is inspired by the great 20th century Green Bay Packers linebacker Ray Nitschke who, in addition to anchoring the middle of Coach Vince Lombardi’s great defenses, was also a celebrated philosopher, philologist, cultural critic, poet and composer who write several texts on religion, science and the 4-3 defense.”

  12. I love you, Doug! says:

    Dang it: “wrote.”

  13. glibglub says:

    So from “inevitable doom” he segues right into Gibby’s defense. Seems about right.

    Naw, but Hemingway actually got the title from the poet John Donne’s “Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions,” which is nice.

    But did you know that the original theme is from the Polovetsian Dance No. 2 by Borodin?

  14. glibglub says:

    Polovtsian. Whatever.

  15. SheikYbuti says:

    “Uprising” is the title of a popular song by the Gregorian chant/art rock fusion band, Muse. The title of the song, maybe surprising to some, is inspired by the iconic campfire scene from the film “Blazing Saddles,” directed by the legendary Mel Brooks. This 1974 classic co-starred Alex Karras, who also played football. The gist of the storyline, though superficially comic, incorporated serious undertones of racism, class struggle, and affairs of state, the latter of which must take precedence over, uh, affairs of state.

  16. The 25314 says:

    I don’t see how hertzel’s reputation is damaged in the least if he thinks holgorsen is a clown. Casazza accidentally tweeted that tricket and Howard suck. I tend to agree with both of them.

  17. Mike Casazza says:

    Thanks for the support, Zip, but while that is what went out, that was never the intent. I’ll go over this again if I have to, but it was never an issue with me and WVU. Easily explained, believe it or not.

  18. JP says:

    I think the clown is the person that doesn’t know how to use twitter, not the person making millions to coach football.

  19. SheikYbuti says:

    Maybe “credibility” is a better word than “reputation,” though the two seem closely linked to me. A journalist’s public objectivity is his/her stock in trade, and anything negative Hertzel writes about Holgorsen from now on will be subject to discount as the former having a dim personal view of the latter.

  20. SheikYbuti says:

    I mean, take Chuck Landon (please). Does anyone whose opinion means anything take seriously anything positive he writes about Marshall, or anything negative (i.e., everything) he writes about WVU? As an inveterate homer, Landon has zero credibility where those subjects are concerned.

  21. SheikYbuti says:

    And, in the interest of being precisely responsive to your post, Zippy, Hertzel’s credibility isn’t damaged at all by THINKING that Holgorsen is a clown. The damage occurs when he communicates his thoughts in that regard, however inadvertent, to the public.

  22. smeer says:

    we have arrived (or sunk to new lows?) when those who report the news are the news.

    Eron going, Juwan staying, Hertzel clowning

    at least it’s keeping Mike busy and the rest of us entertained . . .

  23. Dann White says:

    Maybe Herzel can catch on at the Herald-Disgrace covering Marshall, but I believe he has scuttled his ship in the WVU Football world – at least until HCDH is history. I’m thinkin’ that may be a while….
    Whether he is or not; he looks like a dolt today.

    #####: you are a solid blogger with a great history here. But man; you seem to be really on edge lately. I hope all is well….

    Isn’t it wild that we have the 12th hardest schedule in the division, and the one team we’re afraid to play has the easiest in recorded history. Don’t believe we’re afraid? Just ask any Marshall fan….

    Forget it Mike, you’re still the man.

  24. MontanaEer says:

    Did anyone tell Mickey, who was/is against our joining the Big 12 and IMG, that the two account for $81 million toward athletic department infrastructure improvements? Know how long it would take to get to $81 million in excess toward such things in the Big East or AAC? I need Colbert’s calculator for that one.

  25. EER81 says:

    Zippy you may be a little to “close” to Hertzel – your earlier post below:

    Wait, I thought our problems were because of injuries? Or because we were too young? Or because we were adjusting to a new conference?

    But seriously, all I know is that if Shelly Poe were still SID under this clown Holgorsen, she would quit. It’s a disaster.

  26. The 25314 says:

    I made that comment after Hertzel’s first tweet, tongue in cheek. Apparently, I was so ahead of the story that people think I’m Hertzel. I can only say I wish I had that sweatpant collection.

    I just think it’s naive to think writers don’t have opinions. They obviously do. Casazza shares some of his every week in Friday Feedback, and everyone on here is eager to hear it, and values it because he is privy to more information than us. And I’m sure he has strong opinions that he’ll never share because he doesn’t want to be called unobjective. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the opinions.

    Hertzel, likewise, is privy to more information. He accidentally tweeted something offensive about his subject, which he shouldn’t have done, but I don’t see how that affects his objectivity. Whether the opinion is shared or kept to himself, it still exists.

    You mention Landon and Mickey as examples of no credibility. I agree based on their biased writings that you can’t expect them to look at both sides. However, you can’t say the same thing about Hertzel. He doesn’t write rag filled with personal venom like Landon and Mickey. His writing is pretty objective. He praises and he criticizes. As long as he’s fair, he can have all the opinions he wants.

    It seems many on here want their writers to be objective. But want “objective” to mean “cheerleader for WVU.” Personally, I’d rather writers be overly critical than overly complimentary. I get enough of the rah rah stuff from fans.

  27. SheikYbuti says:

    I, too, wish the beat writers were more critical. My point is that, now, if Mike and Hertz were to write word-for-word the same article critical of Holgorsen, Mike’s piece would be taken more seriously because of the unfortunate circumstances through which has colleague has publicly announced his personal feelings.

  28. SheikYbuti says:

    *his colleague, not “has colleague”

  29. smeer says:

    zips – “wish I had that sweatpant collection” – well played

    good point Sheik

    there is one more issue though – maybe a molehill – Hertzel didn’t share his feelings with just any friend – this friend also happens to be SID at another institution

    a question for which I have no answer – would Poe share such info with Auburn personnel for a competitive advantage (recruiting) – if Bob were encouraged to share more of his opinion. I guess the question is – in what actions does Bob see DH in a negative light and would any of that hold water if shared? guess I’m saying it carries a hint of disloyalty to the institution greater than his feelings toward DH (or OL for that matter). We probably don’t cross paths on the recruiting trail with Auburn very often so maybe a non-issue, but I don’t like in the least that he went whining to another SID.

  30. chocolate covered bacon says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but Hertzel hasn’t been a beat reporter covering WVU sports for a long time, he’s a columnist. His name and opinion are why he gets paid to write about WVU. When it comes to Holgorsen, I didn’t need to hear about an inadvertent tweet to know he is not a fan. His distaste is subtle and there none the less.