Bling is in the air

Next week, a previously approved plan to renovate and enhance athletic facilities all over campus will be discussed by the Board of Governors. A week after that, WVU is likely to go ahead with a $106 million, bond-heavy, guaranteed-income-propelled plan to change the paces you watch Mountaineers sports live.

If the BOG ultimately approves, the football program will have a new team room at its Puskar Center headquarters and Milan Puskar Stadium will see renovation and expansion for the concourse areas, concession stands, restrooms and entrance gates. That will be covered by the bond. The Iowa-based architectural firm Heery International will handle the design.

As many as four LED boards will be added inside the stadium and the barren gray walls will be decorated with graphic coverage. Money from the IMG College contract will cover both.

A marquee advertising events will adorn the outside of the Coliseum at the intersection of Monongahela Boulevard and Patteson Drive, and that will also be funded by the contract with IMG College.

The master plan will also consider other ideas to augment facilities. The Coliseum could add concourse suites and private boxes, as well as renovated restrooms and concession stands and an expanded concourse area.

The Shell Building could see a new indoor track. That building, the swimming and diving team’s Natatorium and the tennis courts could receive considerable renovations. Improvements might also be planned for the weight rooms and the home and visitor’s locker rooms for the other sports.

I’m off to pro day at the indoor practice facility, which you’ll note was not included in the above listing. Another day, another $20 million dollars, I suppose. I’ll be back later with a lite version of the F Double.

And one person went 15-1 in the bracket challenge yesterday. I’ll let that person step to the mic if that person wants, but 15-1 is pretty impressive given the drama we witnessed. Many things discussed on Scoop & Score proved relevant, too.

8 Responses to “Bling is in the air”

  1. glibglub says:

    An Iowan architectural firm? So, is that anything like an Iowan divorce? I mean, does the pig make all the final design calls?

  2. Rugger says:

    I heard the new name being kicked around post-renovation is Mylan Pigsty Stadium.

  3. ffejbboc says:

    NC State, St. Joe’s and the Sooners let me down big time. :(

    And I went for the big upset with WMich which obviously did not happen.

    Did call the Dayton and Harvard games.

  4. smeer says:

    NC State chocked big time at the foul line.

    ‘Ville overcame late and usually a game like that (wake-up call) propels a team

    Oklahoma killed me too – had them to 16 – so bracket buster

    odds of any sooner alum winning a national bracket?

    and of course I picked against Pitt . . .

  5. I love you, Doug! says:

    If the barren gray walls are covered with graphic images OTHER than those featuring former Mountaineer greats — creating, if you will, an Arc of Honor — it will be a travesty.

  6. smeer says:

    heard it’s gonna be Friends of Coal logos – honoring Manchin and Pastilong

  7. glibglub says:

    I don’t think the FOC need to do any more sponsorships. I’m not saying that their advertising is artless or ham-fisted, but apparently four out of five red-blooded West Virginians already know that coal is an important part of this nutritious breakfast.

  8. DanWV says:

    Stepping up to the mic…check 1,2, check, 15-1, check. Although after today’s mayhem, my brackets looking a little cracked.