Spring begins, if only in earnest

And because it’s only the first day, and I didn’t wedge it into the vlog, here’s your opening day depth chart…

QB: Paul Millard, Skyler Howard, Logan Moore, Greg McPherson, Clint Trickett
RB: Dreamius Smith, Wendell Smallwood, Rushel Shell, Dustin Garrison, Andrew Buie, Maurice Zereoue, Cameron Nash
H-Back: Cody Clay, Garrett Hope, Elijah Wellman
WR (X): Mario Alford, Devonte Mathis, Chai Smith
WR (Z): Kevin White, KJ Myers, Ricky Rogers
IR (H): Daikiel Shorts, Jacky Marcellus
IR (Y): Jordan Thompson, Vernon Davis
LT: Adam Pankey, Michael Calicchio, Grant Lingafelter
LG: Quinton Spain, Russell Haughton-James, Tyler Tezeno (injurey)
C: Tyler Orlosky, Tony Matteo, Brendan Willis
RG: Mark Glowinski, Stone Underwood, Zack Johnson
RT: Marquis Lucas, Marcell Lazard, Sylvester Townes

I wrote a little today about the situation at offensive tackle. WVU looks solid in the middle of the offensive line but just as uncertain on the outside. Fortunately, there are options that I think the Mountaineers like.

DE: Dontrill Hyman, Noble Nwachukwu, Davonte James, Darren Arndt
NT: Christian Brown, Darrien Howard, Brandon Jackson, D.J. Carozza
DE: Kyle Rose, Eric Kinsey, Jon Lewis, James Gayeski
Spur: KJ Dillon, Marvin Gross, Malik Greaves, Dayron Wilson
Sam: Isaiah Bruce, Edward Muldrow, Isaac McDonald, Alex Brooks, Wes Tonkery (injured)
Mike: Nick Kwiatkoski, Al-Rasheed Benton, Jewone Snow, Tanner Grose, Jared Barber (injured)
Will: Brandon Golson, Sean Walters, Shaq Petteway, Hodari Christian, Justin Arndt
LCB: Ishmael Banks, Terrell Chestnut, Brandon Napoleon
RCB: Daryl Worley, Keishawn Richardson, Nana Kyeremeh, Nana Agyire
FS: Jeremy Tyler, Ricky Rumph, Carlton Nash
BS: Karl Joseph, Jarrod Harper, Shane Commodore

KR: Mario Alford, Wendell Smallwood, Daryl Worley
PR: Jordan Thompson, Vernon Davis, Jacky Marcellus
PK: Josh Lambert, Mike Molinari
P: Nick O’Toole, Mike Molinari, Houstin Syvertson
LS: John DePalma, Nick Meadows

31 Responses to “Spring begins, if only in earnest”

  1. tls62pa says:

    No Shelton Gibson? Not good…

  2. Sammy says:

    The rumor on Shelton Gibson is he is a “partial qualifier” and therefore “can’t practice with the team” and must “join in May”:


    But that makes no sense. “Partial qualifiers” are allowed to practice with the team, they just can’t play during their first season. Non-qualifiers can’t practice but must PAY THEIR OWN WAY — something I don’t think happened with Gibson. Besides, there are many images and even video of him practicing with the team last year in the fall, so why he wouldn’t be able to practice this spring seems beyond me.


    Maybe the NCAA was just late with the notification or something has changed, but there’s more to this story than what the rumors are saying.

  3. Foul Shot says:

    Looking like another 4-8 with that QB cast.

  4. Sammy says:

    Just saw a tweet by the post-gazette person saying Gibson has “never practiced at WVU,” which is false. Here’s an article talking about Gibson running with the second team offense and a photo of him at practice. I think there’s even video somewhere on Gibson practicing last fall.


  5. Mike Casazza says:

    Gibson has to sit out the whole year. Means no athletics in the fall and spring. He’s good to go when spring football is over, which mean’s he’ll be there in the fall. Think Elijah Macon.

  6. JC says:

    The Shelton Gibson situation is a bummer. If what Sammy says is true, is there a compliance situation there or was the PG writer mistaken? Was he allowed to practice, and if so, did he? If he did practice last year, I”d feel a little less bummed about it……

  7. smeer says:


    no news on compliance is good news – suspect (guess) he practices up until the time the NCAA said he was not eligible and that’s when photo(s) was/were taken – he participated in fall camp. . . .


  8. Sammy says:

    I’m sure I’m missing something I just am not sure what category/distinction Gibson is in where he can’t practice but is otherwise on scholarship and will be eligible this fall. Obviously if he’s eligible in the fall and has been part of the program for a year all can be quickly forgotten, but another spring for a young kid seems like it’d be useful. Fwiw, I seem to recall Michael Crabtree at Texas Tech was a similar partial qualifier who had to sit out, though he too was allowed to practice.

    In other news, while that spring depth chart doesn’t inspire, it did make me flash back to last year’s, and I certainly feel better about it than this lineup:



    QB: Ford Childress OR Paul Millard OR Chavas Rawlins
    LT: Quinton Spain, Nick Kindler
    LG: Marquis Lucas, Tony Matteo
    C: Pat Eger, Tyler Orlosky
    RG: Mark Glowinski, Russell Haughton-James
    RT: Curtis Feigt, Nick Kindler
    RB: Andrew Buie, Dustin Garrison, Dreamius Smith
    HB: Cody Clay, Will Johnson
    X: K.J. Myers, Daikiel Shorts
    Y: Connor Arlia, Jordan Thompson
    Z: Kevin White, Dante Mathis


    DE: Will Clarke, Eric Kinsey
    Nose: Shaq Rowell, Christian Brown
    DE: Kyle Rose, Noble Nwachukwu
    Sam: Isaiah Bruce, Doug Rigg
    Will: Nick Kwiatkoski, Jared Barber
    Buck: Dozie Ezemma, Garrett Hope
    Spur: Wes Tonkery, Hodari Christian
    FC: Nana Kyeremeh, Brandon Napoleon
    BC: Brodrick Jenkins, Rick Rumph
    FS: Karl Joseph, K.J. Dillon
    SS: Darwin Cook, Jarrod Harper

  9. Mike Casazza says:

    I’m still trying to sort out this Gibson stuff … because partial qualifiers can practice. WVU doesn’t admit non-qualifiers. I’m wondering if there’s some sort of explanation in the middle here.

  10. Wayward Eer says:

    The 2 things that really strike me about this are that we still need pass rushers and that we look light at FS and BS.

  11. Mike Casazza says:

    Actually, I’m learning now there are two types of partial qualifiers and it would seem Gibson is the type who couldn’t practice or compete for the fall and spring semesters. (Again, think Macon.) Now, did he practice last season? Clearly, but I would think just as clearly that he did so only until the NCAA ruled on his status.

    He remained on scholarship, but had to stay away from the team (practices, workouts, all the team activities) and lost a year on his calendar. He didn’t lose a year on the field, though. He’ll be a four-for-four kid now. And he’s on the team and in good standing and will be cleared to join the team for all activities when Summer I begins.

  12. Bobby Heenan says:

    A few thoughts:

    – We need an inside WR playmaker to help out the weak QB unit. Shorts can be a solid contributor (think Devin Brown), but I think we need more explosiveness there than he provides.

    – Will be interesting to see who steps up at Spur. Gross, Dillon, and Graeves have the measurables, but who will emerge?

    – I thought we may give Worley some looks at Free Safety. But it’s hard to move (arguably) your best CB out of that position to fill another position.

    – I like that we moved Bruce back inside

    – PUMPED to see Joseph moved over to strong safety.

  13. lowercase jeff says:

    a couple thoughts on the video –

    1. youre wearing pajama pants.
    2. i dont like gin.
    3. nice starting lineup collection.

  14. tls62pa says:

    I’m guessing who will be at Spur depends on the situation and particular package. Between Dillon and Gross, one is not like the other…

  15. Mack says:

    I feel like no one cares about the two non-contact drills. If this was a full contact practice, it would have been cancelled.

  16. MontanaEer says:

    2 things:

    a player whose name ends in -zza.

    Mike Molinari–is he a 10th-year senior now?

  17. Shoot4show says:

    Wayward, we might look light at FS, but we’re NEVER light on BS. (Oh, come on. Somebody had to do it.)

  18. Shoot4show says:

    Mike, you should get this guy to design some Tier 4 stuff, market it on the web, and cash the checks.

    If someone hasn’t already, somebody is going to hire this guy, and we’ll see his stuff on the field.


  19. Mack says:

    Those uniforms look just like the ones that get unveiled every year that everyone hates.

  20. SheikYbuti says:

    You’re missing the point, Mack. The guy picked only 13 of 120 teams to illustrate his designs, and one of the 13 was ours.

  21. Mack says:

    Sheik, gotcha. With all games, recruiting, and practices being discussed and aired on television, radio, and internet, we still need to keep an eye out for all mentions of West Virginia sports.

  22. Bobby Heenan says:

    I forgot about Bell getting indefinitely suspended. That hurts. Bad.

    He could give us CB depth or even get a swing at FS. Would be nice to have another experienced guy that could play DB and give us some freedom to see where Worley fits best.

  23. Drew says:

    It is nice actually knowing some of the players on the depth chart this year.

    I really hope the experience helps. I like the potential on defense, but think they’re still a year or two away – and that’s IF they get good enough coaching.

    Running back is the only real strength on offense. Hopefully either Howard can work some improvisational magic (could DH handle that?) or Trickert is markedly better. If the receivers and line can improve it could take a ton of pressure off whoever QB1 turns out to be.

  24. smeer says:

    O-line. Russel won a SB ring at 5-11, but he also stood in the pocket as long as he wanted. If we can give our QB – whoever it is – enough time – someone will get open (though not sure Millard has the arm strength to get it there)


    D-line – big Will Clark and still couldn’t get sacks last year. It has to change.

    Guess that’s what I want to hear about – with the limited viewing, does WVU have any hope in the trenches.

    And thinking of Millard – does it look like he hit the wait room or his wife’s dinner table more?

  25. lowercase jeff says:

    smeer – russel wilson did not play behind a good line, or in a clean pocket. he was pressured or sacked on 43.8% of his dropbacks, highest in the league. he’s just good.

  26. Mack says:

    I love it when people say “Russell Wilson (or Drew Brees) or others are 5’11”.”

    Yeah, Russell Wilson was also an amazing quarterback at NC State and Wisconsin. Same for Drew Brees.

    The new guy played at a juco in California and WVU was the top program offering him to transfer. It’s not exactly the same thing.

    My own personal opinion is that Trickett takes the first snap of 2014 and every snap thereafter until he gets injured. Given Trickett’s size, I think he will get injured. As much as we all think Millard isn’t any good . . . he was far from atrocious against Texas.

  27. Drew says:

    Paul wasn’t atrocious against Texas when he didn’t turn it over. He fumbles or throws an interception way too often when he’s pressured. He can’t escape any pressure at all or even really give himself an extra second or two. He doesn’t throw well or make good decisions under pressure.

    If he had all day to sit back and read the defense he’d do fine, but we all know that won’t be the case.

  28. smeer says:

    you love a lot of things Mick

    that was my only comparison – that height need not be a detriment. I wasn’t projecting Howard as the second coming – just that it shouldn’t be the only factor

    obviously most important is grasp of the O

    lcjeff – my bad – based my assumptions on the Super Bowl where he had all day – hadn’t watched a lot of him otherwise

  29. smeer says:

    *wait = weight

  30. I love you, Doug! says:

    Agreed. I think if Paul Millard is completely unmolested, unhurried or unbreathed upon by a defense while standing in a pocket as impregnable as the Cliffs of Dover, he understands HCDH’s offense well enough to know when the slot receiver is coming open on his crossing pattern and can deliver an accurate throw.

    If, however…

  31. I love you, Doug! says:

    Just for (sob, sob) laughs, I went back and looked at some Geno highlights at WVU. Right now, WVU has no one (unless it’s that Skyler woman from “Breaking Bad”) who throws a ball that looks like Geno’s. They’re all just heaving and short-arming it, compared to him.