It started during the player introductions and you can hear some of the jeers steered his way as Eron Harris was Public Enemy No. 10 Wednesday night. (Aside: Music! Iowa State, you’re better than that!) I think the noise affected him, and possibly only inspired him, though perhaps to a detriment in the first half. Asked afterward what impact the crowd had, he said “None,” and stared ahead and waited for the next question.

I’m telling you, he’s unrelenting.

And so, too, is that Iowa State offense. West Virginia’s defense is a mess right now, and has been for a few weeks, save one exception against the Cyclones. But WVU has to go punch for punch with these teams and that’s difficult when Terry Henderson is home with an undisclosed illness for an unspecified period of time. When the opponent is Iowa State, at home, the Mountaineers have to play much, much better than they did and just can’t miss repeated open shots and wave a red cape at driving defenders.

Nothing new there, much as there was nothing really new about last night’s 83-66 loss. But that’s three straight losses, each by double figures, each when shooting at or below 40 percent, each when allowing the opponent to shoot better than 50 percent.

I’m on the road and in the air and then on the road again today, but Scoop & Score goes on as planned. Stephen Nesbitt and Geoff Coyle joined me yesterday for a taped edition that previews spring football at WVU. Some above average questions and many compelling and pointed answers can be found live at 9 a.m. I’ll post the podcast later. (Give me a break on the audio … we streamed calls from four locations. And I was in a Fairfield Inn. Not ideal!).

9 Responses to ““None.””

  1. jtmountaineer says:

    As I said in the game thread, the clearest indication that his head wasn’t totally right was his missing 2 free throws. He’s not missed more than 1 in a conference game all year.

    Just not sure where the necessary wins are going to come to make the NIT. Don’t like our chances to make noise in KC without Henderson, although Dibo was a decent facsimile of Terry last night.

  2. smeer says:

    so will Iowa S become a rivalry? Heard on my local Baltimore sports station that an ISU fan held up a sign that said “If a West Virginia couple gets divorced, are they still brother and sister?”

    I know some folk that can laugh this off, but it makes my blood boil, along with the Deliverance references

  3. ted says:

    Come on Smeer, we here in West by God don’t care if you’re married to your sister. Don’t let them get to you…

  4. glibglub says:

    In an Iowan divorce, my understanding is the pig gets half of everything.

  5. hershy112 says:

    #HatfieldsvsMcCoysreference ?

  6. hershy112 says:

    The problem is not that Dibo can’t put on his best Terry impersonation, it’s that Gary Browne cannot fill either one’s shoes. The times when Terry and Dibo played together are now times that Dibo is in the game with Gary. I think we all know that is a considerable downgrade on the offensive end. And in relation to size on the floor.

  7. smeer says:

    well played glib

  8. DanaHolgorsen'sEmptyRedBullCan says:

    It makes me angry too Smeer.
    Deliverance was filmed in locations on the Tallulah River Gorge and the Chattooga river in SC and Georgia, and the fictional river the story is based on would be in that same area.
    Why do so many people associate WV with a movie about paddling, murder, and sodomy in the woods? Is it just because “Mountains east of the Mississippi”?

  9. Hammy says:

    Y’all ready for this?!?!?!?

    /I never want to hear we’re behind the times in West Virginia for any reason from those corn-eaters.