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Meanwhile, that 2015 class is forming nicely

I thought this was poignant on the 2014 national signing day in a sort of all-compassing view of recruiting an what it means to college programs. Dana Holgorsen signs off on his press conference revealing and detailing that class and is then knee deep in a reply about recruiting for next year. The Mountaineers, it was known, had a pretty good head start and Holgorsen had let it be known earlier in the presser that his school was going to go after juniors very hard very early in the process.

The justification? “You better,” as in you better do it that way, or else.

You don’t have to tell me that a ranking on Feb. 24 is a not to be taken to the bank. But WVU’s currently in possession of the Big 12’s best and the nation’s fifth-best recruiting class for next season. And look where the Mountaineers are doing their damage: South Florida, Maryland and North Carolina, all places where they have to put in work to get results. This is not a better-late-than-never bunch.