Meanwhile, that 2015 class is forming nicely

I thought this was poignant on the 2014 national signing day in a sort of all-compassing view of recruiting an what it means to college programs. Dana Holgorsen signs off on his press conference revealing and detailing that class and is then knee deep in a reply about recruiting for next year. The Mountaineers, it was known, had a pretty good head start and Holgorsen had let it be known earlier in the presser that his school was going to go after juniors very hard very early in the process.

The justification? “You better,” as in you better do it that way, or else.

You don’t have to tell me that a ranking on Feb. 24 is a not to be taken to the bank. But WVU’s currently in possession of the Big 12’s best and the nation’s fifth-best recruiting class for next season. And look where the Mountaineers are doing their damage: South Florida, Maryland and North Carolina, all places where they have to put in work to get results. This is not a better-late-than-never bunch.

18 Responses to “Meanwhile, that 2015 class is forming nicely”

  1. SheikYbuti says:

    I have never understood the convention in rating recruiting classes that counts the cumulative number of stars instead of the average rating. A school that has 21 commits, each with two stars (42 stars total), is ranked ahead of a school that has received nothing beyond 8 five-star commitments (40 stars total). There is no way that we objectively have the #5 class so far in 2015. That’s not to say it isn’t good, because I believe it will be. But to say it’s the fifth-best nationally and best in the Big XII is another example of “lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

  2. Spatial Angel says:

    Mark Twain lives.

  3. Kevin says:

    Agree Sheik. Kids flipping their commitment to the side, I think ratings this early are misleading because most of the 4 and 5 star kids that usually end up at Texas, Alabama, Ohio State or one of those programs haven’t committed yet.

    It’s very positive that WVU already has 10 commitments for next year’s class, particularly when you consider last season and the uncertainty that may exist around the current staff. I’m anxious to see how much and how quickly Bradley will impact recruiting.

  4. Eric says:

    I agree with Sheik. If you look at the 247 rankings, WVU is simply rated this high because of the number of recruits. If you look at the average score of the recruits, WVU is closer to #25 than #5. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to have two four-star recruits assuming we keep them and they have actual four-star talent; however, typically, only those teams that average at least four-star talent win national championships.

  5. PeterB says:

    I don’t pretend to understand recruiting on the whole, but I hope that these efforts to get ahead of schedule with recruiting helps create stronger bonds with these recruits and lessens the attrition of roster players that seems to occur more at WVU than at other schools.

  6. smeer says:

    didn’t realize the formula was simply the total of stars. thought there would a little more “science” to it with average stars and number of recruits weighted out in some fashion. never been one to count chickens before hatching (National LoI Day) but not gonna discount that it is a positive even if early

  7. Dann White says:

    I am at least impressed that we got a FULL class, that gives you the potential to make champs out of players that stay for a career; there just may be a Tavon, Geno, or Stedman or two in this group; but I’ll settle for a quarterback with a brain and a decent throw, along with a couple of offensive linemen.

    Bradley was the best coaching move we could have made for my money. JoePa depended on him mightily, and defense is something that JP’s teams didn’t muck about with. I don’t even care if he convinces DH to go with black shoes, just bring us some DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Josh24601 says:

    It’s just that with Bama-Towson-Terps-OU to start 2014, it’s gonna be a Herculean feat for Holgo to make it to Signing Day 2015. Hope he does, but boy does it look bleak.

  9. Like Holgorsen said, WVU doesn’t really have a choice in going hard after juniors. The rest of the conference is doing it, so we have to follow suit.

    This kind of stuff was unheard of in the Big East.

  10. lowercase jeff says:

    i dont believe that holgorsen’s job is on the line this year.

    i believe luck knows holgorsen’s roster was shorthanded and lacking talent, due in no small part to the previous. luck was very clear on tony’s signing day show that holgorsen finally has a ful roster.

    i think anything other than a dumpster fire and dana keeps his job.

    i believe in he leadership of the football program, and hope they get a nice, long chunk of time to work with.

  11. lowercase jeff,

    I tend to agree. The brutal schedule this year also factors in, I think. Luck strikes me as a fairly reasonable person, and I find it difficult for a reasonable person to hold it against Holgorsen if this team has trouble reaching 6-6 this season.

  12. SheikYbuti says:

    Agreed. If three posters in a row hold the same view, it must be true. One more poster, and we’ll have a bed.

  13. smeer says:

    to make everyone happy (except avb) “ditto”

  14. smeer says:

    with Maverick Wolfley (great name) committing to the Class of 2017, WVU currently has the number one recruiting class in the country in that year (since nobody else has any recruits in that class)

  15. SheikYbuti says:

    Now if we can just recruit Jester Iceman and Goose Viper, we’ll be set.

  16. ffejbboc says:

    Dale names his kids Stone and Maverick?

    Bet there’s a younger brother Nitro and a sister Storm in the family as well.

  17. Drew says:

    LSU has the only commitment for the class of 2018. They also have the record for the earliest commitment.

  18. netbros says:

    Is it off limits to interview players during off season? Perhaps I’m not looking in the right places, but I never see any conversations with players from end of fall season until start of spring practice, and from end of spring practice to start of fall camp.

    I know they have class and workouts and other responsibilities, but there also seems to be plenty of time in between to get their thoughts and observations.