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More sexy

This top 100 sexiest in college hoops thing has some legs — see what I did there? — and I fear we’re one slow news day away from a MOUNT RUSHMORE of sexy discussion dominating our news feeds. Anyhow, someone from here was going to go there and the smart money was Hertz wresting the baton and running with it.


So here is my choice of the 15 sexiest athletes at WVU since 2000.

No. 1 – Joe Alexander, basketball
No. 2 – Pat White, Football
No. 3 – Vanessa House, women’s basketball
No. 4 – Rasheed Marshall, football
No. 5 – Grant Wiley, football
No. 6 – Wellington Smith, basketball
No. 7 – Meg Bulger, women’s basketball
No. 8 – Tavon Austin, football
No. 9 – Da’Sean Butler, basketball
No. 10 – Brian King, football
No. 11 – Johannes Herber, basketball
No. 12 – Liz Repella, women’s basketball
No. 13 – Dan Mozes, football
No. 14 – Owen Schmitt, football
No. 15 – Julian Miller, football

Hertz then welcomes debate and suggestions, of which I’m sure there were many. I’ll ride for my man Wells. No. 6 is way too low. Remember this? Too sexy.

Speaking of … Scoop & Score was Vanessa Housian today. Tinges of Pat White, even.

Rob Rossi from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review went all in on Olympic hockey and previewed tomorrow’s games with specificity.

And then, relevant to one conversation we had this week, Texas Tech’s Elvis Moya came on to talk about enhancing the fan experience. Cotton Eyed Joe, frog legs and Monopoly money were somehow integral parts of a pretty fun conversation.

Here’s your link to the podcast. I’m told there were slight volume problems with the recording equipment. I can’t explain them because I didn’t encounter them on my end during the show, but I know we’re still trying to fix. The audio is all there, but sometimes it’s low. And this might not be a problem by the time you listen to it. Knock on wood.

Also, I need your help for next week. I’m going to do a WVU spring football preview show. I was thinking of a round table format with two knights joining me. Suggestions for who you’d want to here give their opinions about the spring and about 2014?

I’ll hang up and listen.