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Gibson still preferred, as well as another return

Cell phone went bonkers when I landed — and that’s why I live in fear or losing that thing or having it fall in the wrong hands.

Anyhow, one simple text got this started: “Bruce Tall. You’re welcome.”

Well, we’re not that far down the road, but what I can tell you is WVU is strongly considering bring Bruce Tall back as probably the defensive line coach and perhaps the linebackers coach. You know him as WVU’s former safeties coach, but he’s worked more with the defensive line and linebackers in his career.

I can’t get anyone to tell me more than that, but that’s definite.  WVU, perhaps appropriately, is unreachable. Tall or any new hire — and WVU is talking to at least one other person, I’m told … and I’m working on that identity — would not be the DC. That appears to be Tony Gibson’s gig for the reasons we’ve been over previously.