Keith Patterson leaves WVU

According to a WVU statement:

West Virginia University defensive coordinator Keith Patterson has voluntarily left the football program and is no longer a member of the coaching staff.

“I want to thank Keith for his two years that he spent coaching in our program,” head coach Dana Holgorsen said. “He was a valuable member of our staff, and we wish him nothing but the best.”

The school has no further comment at this time.

Patterson is bound for Arizona State, where he’ll work with Todd Graham. The two have known one another for a long, long time … but the Sun Devils have a defensive coordinator in one-time WVU assistant Paul Randolph.

But the 2014 season will be Dana Holgorsen’s fourth season. Patterson’s replacement will be Holgorsen’s fourth defensive coordinator. Unless it’s second.

I’ve heard Holgorsen is hanging onto the idea of continuity, obviously, and would like an internal replacement. That internal replacement, I’ve heard very early in this, is probably not going to be Brian Mitchell.

If it is an internal replacement, it most likely won’t be Damon Cogdell. Tony Gibson has never been a coordinator at the Division I level. That leaves Joe DeForest, though Holgorsen could go outside for a replacement. And he’s going to have to go outside to at least fill the spot on the staff.

My money is on Gibby. Patterson was integral in bringing him back based on how they worked together and got along when they were on the staff at Pitt. They speak the same language defensively. It causes the fewest ripples. And, to be honest, it keeps Gibby here in the future.

(Update: Sounds like Gibby is the first choice, whatever that means. DeForest won’t get the gig.)

Here’s what’s weird: I talked to Gibson and Mitchell yesterday for that story I did on the defensive backs, and to frame the conversation I used Patterson’s suggestions about reconfiguring the secondary (Bell to safety, Worley to safety, Joseph to nickel back, etc). Both Gibson and Mitchell answered my questions to suggest they different ideas — and that never resonated with me until today.

Also, Yodney Cajuste told me Cogdell would be the defensive line coach. WVU has only called Cogdell a defensive assistant. Cogdell played linebacker in college. This may have been in motion for a while.

119 Responses to “Keith Patterson leaves WVU”

  1. glibglub says:

    And that concludes the “unwisely giving the benefit of the doubt” portion of our proceedings. Bless your heart.

  2. smeer says:

    and still – somehow – ended up with 1040 followers – but Dana Holgerson was not one of them (although fake Dana is)

  3. smeer says:

    three years in and still can’t spell Holgorsen. will resort to HCDH saving keystrokes and mental energy

  4. Rugger says:

    but he was multiple……..

  5. Parks says:

    Impossible. Funny quote, but not worthy of internet winnings. Sorry Montana, I laughed but it’s gotta be so over the top that it can never be topped.

  6. smeer says:

    woa – too many threads here

    brain freeze

  7. Parks says:

    I think we all just submitted comments at the same time. It took 3 or 4 read throughs to figure it out.

  8. Rugger says:

    Hertzel tweeting that Patterson has been named DC and LB Coach at ASU.

  9. smeer says:

    seriously – you can’t recruit if you can’t tweet today

    rugg’s news – so Patterson takes a lateral move so he can hang out with long-time friend,

    doesn’t so so bad now – does it?

  10. smeer says:

    * so = sound

  11. smeer says:

    resuming our game of “Speculation” . . .

    Andrew McGee – WVU grad assistant – played DB at OSU – sliding into the spot vacated by Gibson in his promotion to DC?

  12. oklahoma mountaineer says:

    I will follow Smeer’s lead…..HCDH is much easier to remember. I violated a time-tested rule yesterday — never look at the current assignments on a roster when trying to figure out what a guy’s going to do on a new staff.

    I will say this — this is a lateral move, but one that is probably more stable over the next couple of years. HCDH is on the hot seat — no one disputes that, while going to work for Graham is solid as long as someone doesn’t come along and offer him a dollar more and he finds a new “dream job” to run to.

    I’m going to throw a name out for kicks that I’ve not seen on this LONG thread — how about Randy Shannon as the DC. He was supposedly in the mix a couple of years ago, great recruiter with ties into FL, and I’m pretty confident he’s an upgrade over Patterson and any candidate on staff.

    What ya think?

  13. Rugger says:

    Shannon is at Arky making $275k.

  14. Dreams of glory says:

    /sniffle, sniffle/
    (Dries eyes, blows nose with satisfaction of re-found clarity.)

    I was feeling blue there for awhile, but Sheik perked me right back up!

    Excelsior! Who’s with me?!

  15. SheikYbuti says:

    No problem. We pay people $225K more than that per year and obtain very little in the way of results.

  16. Parks says:

    I still think Bradley deserves a LONG look. He coached LBs, recruits PA very well and has been a very succesful DC. If I’m being completely serious in what I would like our defensive staff to look like in my world (as of today) it would be this:

    Bradley: DC and LB
    Cogdell: D-line
    Gibson: Safeties
    Mitchell: Corners

  17. Parks says:

    I see what you did there Sheik…

  18. Rugger says:

    Bradley would be awesome but wouldn’t he be a recruiting liability since he had to know what Sandusky was up to? At least that is a perception out there among some. These mom’s are sending their kids away and they don’t need that doubt in their mind.

    Classic dilemma but I think we should find somebody else.

  19. Parks says:

    Rugger—while I understand that concern, I really don’t think it makes a huge difference. I hope Sandusky burns in hell and then is pulled out just to be dropped again, but I have a real problem holding every single person associated with that university (as much as I despise it) accountable for something that one man did and 3 men went at length to keep covered up. I agree with your sentiment and I understand there are loads of people that feel that way, I’m just of the belief that at some point the torches have to be put out.

    Also, he says he’s content in the studio and I tend to believe guys when they say it. Generally when guys say they like the studio, they mean it and stick to their guns. Just thought on my part.