Rise and sign!

G’morning. Surprised to see me this early? You should have seen the look on my wife’s face.

Anyhow, we’re live and sipping coffee in the Tier 4 studio this morning as we dig in to cover national signing day at WVU. I’ll update this throughout and try to get to as many questions as I can in the comments. The Mountaineers have their press conference at 3 p.m. and I’ll post that soon after it’s finished. Then it’s off to the Coliseum for WVU v. Oklahoma.

Here’s the situation entering the day — and it’s pretty simple.


WVU woke up with six players already enrolled and 14 more expected to sign and send there national letters of intent today. If you’re visually inclined, or if you need a tracker, think of it this way. Those 14 are all likely to stay on the line. One never knows what may happen in the 11th hour, but the feeling is that their word is — or is it that their words are? — pretty firm.

I’m hearing it might grow to 15 or 16. In sum, that’s 22 and I believe WVU ought to be able to do 25.

Again, myriad things can happen, but the feeling is that WVU has done the job late in the game to earn a fax from Donte Thomas-Williams. Depends on who you ask, but he’d become one of the top five, and maybe top three, recruits.

There’s also a chance, though slimmer, that C.J. Worton might push away from alleged leader Florida and join his friend Jacob McCrary with the Mountaineers.

Don’t think WVU can speak to kids from Florida in a way that the Gators can’t? Then you might want to take a look at the story of perhaps the most intriguing prospect in the class, Miramar High’s Yodney Cajuste.

It almost didn’t happen this way, though. Cajuste visited the University of Florida before traveling to WVU and stated the Gators were his favorite a little more than two weeks from national signing day. He didn’t commit because he was scheduled to visit the Mountaineers in the final weekend of January.

“That was my first time seeing snow, so that got me,” he said. “The thing I liked about West Virginia was as a state, everywhere you go, no matter where you go, you see that W-V. There are no pro teams, so the fan base for college is crazy. And I loved the football facility compared to Florida.

“Florida’s campus is amazing, but if you’re talking about the football facility, the locker room, the stadium, I think West Virginia is way better. It’s more high-tech and state-of-the-art. No disrespect to Florida. Florida’s weight room and locker room and football facility are beautiful. West Virginia’s is much bigger and nicer.”

Away we go …

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  1. smeer says:

    telling I think – and a lesson well learned . . .

    early on Dana had his sights set on trying to lure some/many Texas product east to the mountains – with little to show for it.

    as he’s become acclimated to the East Coast, I think he’s learned that he can do a lot better being near-sighted (MD, PA, DC, OH) and south-sighted (FL) and has hired the coaches to give him that edge.

    to add to this wonderful change in perspective is a line he shared with 93.7 the fan . . .

    “Head Coach Dana Holgorsen joined Starkey and Mueller to talk about his teams recruiting class including how he lured Dravon Henry away from Pitt.

    “There’s a couple of factors for it. Our philosophy really hasn’t changed here over the last several years. A lot of good players in the surrounding states and we just got something to sell that a lot of other teams on this part of the country don’t have to sell which is the Big 12.” ”

    these are the magic words I was hoping for – we have a monopoly on the East Coast with our only competition being some SEC teams that venture north and perhaps now PSU with their new coaching staff.

    that’s not to say, he won’t push again into the Lone Star State but it will probably be when we can offer more than our league mates (aka facilities and playing for an NC)

    now we just need to coach them up – we have a history of doing more with less, but this new conference puts extra pressure on our unproven coaching staff.

    hope springs eternal on signing day and a top 40 class.

  2. Mack says:

    Like someone said, you can sign 25 per class, but there is an overall limit of 85. Holgorsen mentioned that they’re going to spring ball (I.e., without the incoming freshmen and outgoing seniors) with 70+ players… so they have to be close to the overall limit of 85. Players drop out of the program all the time so it’s probably difficult to ever actually have 85 scholarship players.

    Also, regarding facilities, Holgorsen wasn’t requesting a large fountain to be placed in the foyer of the Puskar Center. He wants a bigger team meeting room, turf for the practice field, etc. Those seem to be more along the lines of “coaching” things than “recruiting” things. I think Angus mentioned the weight room was bigger/better here. Well, that was just renovated a year ago so it makes sense that it would stand out.

  3. smeer says:

    hey – where’s my other comment?

    just heard coach say in his interview with Caridi – in reference to having to throw kids onto the field before they were ready due to lack of depth . . .

    “probably won’t have to do that the rest of my coaching career” – DH

    shall we probe and analyze that?

    in this moment – sounds like DH plans to retire here.

    yeah things change (Fraud), but that – I thought – was a pretty amazing statement

  4. Josh24601 says:

    No game thread, huh?

  5. pknocker40 says:

    Paul Millard’s trying out for the baseball team? Bet he throws a mean ephus pitch

  6. Parks says:

    Smeer–I don’t want to probe ANYTHING.

  7. SheikYbuti says:

    pknocker wins the internet.