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Mike Parsons on assignment before golden egg

WVU’s deputy athletic director will work from now until June 30 in a remote location off campus and give his time and attention to special projects assigned by Oliver Luck. He’s also allowed to work as a consultant or accept a full-time position outside of the university and still receive the remainder of his salary, plus all the bells and whistles he’s accustom to, as long as he does his work for WVU. On July 1, WVU will pay him $325,000.

When all’s said and done, Parsons will leave with around $400,000, two football and men’s and women’s basketball season tickets for as long as he wants them, plus parking passes for football and basketball the next two seasons, as well as a glowing letter of recommendation from WVU. In turn, he can’t disparage WVU, nor can WVU speak ill of him, and Parsons must release WVU from and and all claims he may have had up until Jan. 27, when he and Oliver Luck signed the settlement agreement that spells out everything you’ve just read.

It’s a tidy settlement agreement for Parsons and probably even for WVU because there’s a certain piece of mind in no longer having to worry about Parsons. And if one thing can be taken from yesterday’s news, it’s that Parsons gave WVU reason to worry.

The settlement agreement, signed Jan. 27 by Parsons and athletic director Oliver Luck, further asserts tension between Parsons and Luck preceded last week’s action. The document says Parsons “raised various allegations and legal claims against the University and Mr. Luck” but that WVU denies “all such claims past and present” made by Parsons.