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Juwan Staten and the stat of the year?

It’s one thing to play point guard in the Big 12 and do so for more than 37 minutes per game. It’s another to rank second in the league in scoring and lead the league in assists. Staten does all of this because WVU needs it and because Staten is able to stay on the floor.

Nobody in the conference is playing more and fouling less than Staten, which is sort of remarkable when you consider how the new rules are supposed to make things harder on a point guard. But he’s fifth in the conference in steals and is just never in foul trouble.

And here’s the nutshell statistic: He’s played six games without committing a foul and five games when he committed more than two. Ridiculous.

“He’s probably our best perimeter defender,” Huggins said. “Actually, he is our best perimeter defender. Actually, he’s our best defender, now that I think about it.”

Only three other players in the Big 12 average at least 25 minutes and have committed fewer fouls – and none of them play as much as Staten.

Baylor’s Kenny Chery averages 28.3 minutes and has committed 30 fouls. Texas Tech’s Toddrick Gotcher averages 26.7 minutes and has matched State’s foul total. TCU’s Amric Fields is the only other player averaging 30 minutes per game with fewer fouls and he’s missed seven games while committing 25 fouls.

“I feel like it makes me look like a weak defender when I foul,” Staten said. “I feel like if you foul it’s because somebody put you in a situation where you’re hopeless. I don’t like to be put in that situation.”