Sooner rather than later

WVU v. Oklahoma was moved from Sept. 27 to Sept. 20. So now WVU plays Alabama, Towson, Maryland and the Sooners in succession and then has an open week Sept. 27.

13 Responses to “Sooner rather than later”

  1. Parks says:

    I see what you did there with the title…a little play on words, eh? The creative juices are strong in this one, guys.

  2. SheikYbuti says:

    Mike was tested and found to have an outrageously high concentration of midi-chlorians in his cells. It explains why his wit has often been described by those who know as “light-saberish.”

  3. The Artist Formerly Known as EER96 says:

    Nothing like dispensing with the cupcake part of the schedule ASAP! Sheesh! Anybody else seeing a 1-3 start?

  4. Rugger says:

    If we find a QB who can run the offense efficiently without giving Dana an aneurism, we could go 3-1 or 4-0, imo. Catching Bama early at a neutral site and OU in Motown are helpful. Would be nice if OU were at night.

    If we don’t find a QB, 1-3 looks right.

  5. Even with a QB, I don’t see better than 2-2.

    Oklahoma and Alabama are simply better teams. Maryland has improved and Towson is not FCS slouch.

  6. Mack says:

    I was looking at the schedule a few weeks ago and thought that the bye week would help if it was a little later. I think this is good for WVU. Last year, WVU played six games before its first bye week, which was one game too many. I think it’s better to have four games rather than three before the first bye.

  7. Josh24601 says:


  8. smeer says:

    Towson played in the FCS championship game this year., beating some quality FCS teams along the way and one not so quality FBS opponent – UConn.

    That game will be no more a gimme than the others – and especially if a QB does not separate.

  9. Dann White says:

    I have a feeling we are going to be fielding a pretty stiff defense this coming season, something that would have meant quite a bit this past season.

    Towson? I don’t think so, even less than I fear the Turtles. getting us twice in a row. So far we are what; 2-1 with Oklahoma??

    I gotta go with a likely 3-1 or even 4-0 record. (Never refer to me as a pessinist, hope springs eternal.


  10. Dann White says:

    Oops: eternal.)

  11. Mack says:

    Well, Oklahoma has beaten us the past two years in a row, so I’m guessing we’re not 2-1 against them.

    “That game will be no more a gimme than the others.” Yeah, Towson is no more a gimme than Alabama or Oklahoma.

  12. smeer says:

    look up the definition of hyperbole Mack

  13. I love you, Doug! says:

    And WVU is playing Towson because….Jim Clements?