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WVU v. Texas: Who will leave during this game?



You are  looking live at a sticker designated for the folks who are to sit in the athletic director’s box for tonight’s WVU v. Texas game. And, girl, the Longhorns aren’t going to like that.

Nevertheless, they are one of the three teams WVU has beaten in Big 12 play, but this is a bigger and better team than the Mountaineers managed a pair of wins against last season. Texas beat Texas Tech Saturday and then had to travel here. The Mountaineers, who you know lost to Oklahoma State Saturday, are the benefactor of a home-home Saturday-Monday sequence, one of those scheduling favors they’re privy to this season.

And while you’re waiting for this to begin, here’s a sliver of Saturday’s halftime show. It’s no Red Panda.

From dog to blog …

Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:37 pm

Remember last year’s game at Texas???

Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:32 pm

I think we’ve answered the question posed in the other blog post today, so I have another for you: Bad game or bad omen?

Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:28 pm

WVU’s season-low point total is 63 points (Wisconsin). Not sure these guys have 11/12 points left in them.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:19 pm

Adrian’s free throws would have it 61-49, closest WVU has been this half. There’s 8:19 left and an 0-for-1 to start a 1-and-1 keeps it 61-47.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:16 pm

And Adrian ends that with a 3, where WVU is 2-for-17. Texas calls a timeout and we Jump Around. Oddly confident bunch here…

Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:15 pm


Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:14 pm

Henderson hit a 3 to start the game. WVU has missed the last 13 from 3!

Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:09 pm

Not the bright side: Kansas State is next and might be the best defensive team in the league — and definitely leads the Big 12 in scoring defense.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:07 pm

And Eron Harris is definitely slumping now. That has to be figured out promptly.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:06 pm

Bright side: They will not lament missed opportunities in a close loss tonight.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:05 pm

And going 0-2 at home is absolutely brutal after going 2-0 on the road.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20148:02 pm

That 3 from Holmes might as well do it here. WVU doesn’t have a plus-17 rally up its sleeve in this matchup disadvantage. It’s 53-36.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:58 pm

And Lammert extinguishes the crowd.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:58 pm

Rick Barnes will not call a timeout here.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:52 pm

Watkins gets a break from Noreen, who fouls Holmes to keep him form 1) dunking on Watkins and 2) giving Watkins four fouls. Texas can get it anywhere it wants right now.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:50 pm

And we’re back. So is Felix. Two scored to start the half quiets Staten’s spell-snapping jumper.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:36 pm

Third-highest scoring first half of the season for Texas and its second-largest halftime lead, too.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:34 pm

That half was a clinic: shot 16-for-32, plus-eight on the rebounds, 22 points in the paint, 18 points off the bench and a 41-27 lead at the half.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:32 pm

Honest question: Did Dibo just learn how to dribble? He’s putting it on the floor a lot and that’s not his thing. Not at all.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:30 pm

Also, five players with at least six points for the Longhorns.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:30 pm

Texas length really bothers WVU, even on passes. Their two guards scoot around pretty well, too.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:28 pm

WVU has played a lot of basketball and even grown up a lot since the loss to Missouri Dec. 5. This 35-25 deficit is the largest since that night.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:26 pm

Taylor’s a pretty fun player to watch. And Lammert is probably someone you’d like on your team. They connect there to put Texas up 33-25.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:24 pm

As Harris sits and probably stews, feel free to wonder how he responds in the second half. He admitted he pressed too much and forced too many things Saturday.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:19 pm

WVU has battled the shot clock a lot more in this game than I can remember in most others.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:18 pm

You like Williams blocking shots, but he can’t rebound when he blocks shots … and he was the only guy out there who can rebound down low.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:17 pm

Texas gets back quickly, but can be pretty disorganized. Felix has been left guarding the post a few tines and WVU hasn’t been able to use it.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:15 pm

Watkins with two splashes, the first a hook shot, the second a blocked shot as the second defender.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:14 pm

Yikes. Adrian, Dibo, Watkins, Browne and Staten.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:11 pm

Andrian is an issue. He wanted to punctuate a possession with a jumper that isn’t his thing and then he totally lost Lammert on defense and then on a defensive rebound. When he did grab a defensive rebound, he wouldn’t fire the ball ahead to Browne. Confidence?

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:05 pm

Oohh, need to see a replay, but Harris is called for his second foul when it looked like a clean block of a layup. He’ll sit with 11:11 left in the half.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20147:01 pm

Taylor scores over Noreen, who doesn’t get the call, but does fall.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20146:58 pm

A Dana Holgorsen sighting. I thought for sure he’d be in Indy for the coaches’ convention.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20146:57 pm

We get Dibo after the timeout, which is my favorite part of the game. He’s been eventful for a few games lately. I struggle with a proper analogy, so maybe you can help. But to me, when he comes in, it’s like firecrackers. A lot happens. It’s loud and flashy. There’s no saving any for later.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20146:53 pm

Texas has frozen out Ridley all of a sudden.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20146:51 pm

Ridley’s going to be a problem for WVU tonight if he wants to be one. That’s not a given with him, though.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20146:50 pm

…and Henderson makes a 3 and isn’t touched and he falls.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20146:50 pm

That was magical. Noreen opens the game taking an offensive foul to the chest and he DIDN’T fall.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20146:48 pm

Also, Texas is swole.

Mike Casazza January 13, 20146:44 pm

I’m going to do my best to cover this game here tonight and hope no one leaves the football team in the final minutes. History has taught us that WVU and Texas can’t shake one another.