WVU v. Texas: Who will leave during this game?



You are ¬†looking live at a sticker designated for the folks who are to sit in the athletic director’s box for tonight’s WVU v. Texas game. And, girl, the Longhorns aren’t going to like that.

Nevertheless, they are one of the three teams WVU has beaten in Big 12 play, but this is a bigger and better team than the Mountaineers managed a pair of wins against last season. Texas beat Texas Tech Saturday and then had to travel here. The Mountaineers, who you know lost to Oklahoma State Saturday, are the benefactor of a home-home Saturday-Monday sequence, one of those scheduling favors they’re privy to this season.

And while you’re waiting for this to begin, here’s a sliver of Saturday’s halftime show. It’s no Red Panda.

From dog to blog …

26 Responses to “WVU v. Texas: Who will leave during this game?”

  1. Shoot4show says:

    That Staten move was sick!

  2. Shoot4show says:

    That foul call on Harris was a ref anticipating a call.

  3. Josh24601 says:

    Random-number generator approach to calling fouls!

  4. Rugger says:


  5. Rugger says:

    Watkins looks as happy as Dalton Pepper on a rainy Morgantown day.

  6. The Artist Formerly Known as EER96 says:

    Staten is just outstanding. WVU should be very good next year.

  7. avb31 says:

    Harris really needs to step it up. The 2nd foul was questionable, but he we can’t win if he doesn’t play well.

  8. avb31 says:

    It seems like prolonged scoring droughts coincide with extended burn for Gary Browne and way to many jumpers by Devin Williams.

    This one might get out of hand.

  9. Shoot4show says:

    Need to get to the line a lot in the 2nd half. Their length doesn’t matter when you’re shooting free throws. That kept us in the last game.

  10. avb31 says:

    This one really hurts.

    Things could go downhill fast after this.

  11. Shoot4show says:

    You don’t normally see shooting nights like this at home.

  12. Shoot4show says:

    Remember the good ol’ days when it was the first one to 70 for the ‘eers?

  13. Shoot4show says:

    Bad game. I’m not predicting an invitation to the dance, but this team is better than what they’ve shown tonight. If they are a good shooting team, and it seems they are, this will even out. There will be a game that everything goes in. I hope.

  14. avb31 says:

    Bad game or bad omen? It might depend on these last two minutes.

  15. netbros says:

    Bad game, but they still look like the 8th best team in the Big 12. Good news is everyone in the Big 12 is better which will only make the Mountaineers better. Huggins job now is to simply keep them motivated and willing to go hard so they don’t lay down like last year.

  16. jtmountaineer says:

    Here’s that one we were all waiting for, the game we were supposed to win and got blown out. My tourney hopes kind of fizzled with the Gonzaga and Purdue losses, but I still love this team and look forward to their development throughout the season. I also love seeing Huggins like his team for a change, being much more positive when they’re getting their asses handed to them. They’ll get better, and yep, Staten on this trajectory next year is going to be something to behold. He already is, and that’s the greatest, most unexpected pleasure of this season. Gratifying to see the kid’s hard work pay off in such a big way.

    I don’t usually find myself typing so many positive things after an ugly loss like that, but what can I say–this team brings out the optimist in me.

  17. avb31 says:

    I really like Eron Harris. But, he needs to come to the realization that Staten is the Alpha male on this team. This year and next, this is Juwan Staten’s team.

    And that’s a good thing.

  18. The 25314 says:

    Staten is really good. Harris and Henderson are good scorers but they don’t play D, rebound, pass, cut, or screen well. Dibo is just a chucker. Devin Williams is a good freshman but not good enough to make a difference. Adrian will hopefully make a good role player someday. Everyone else is simply untalented.

    They are a better shooting team, but there is so much more to bball than shooting. What jumps out to me is that while the opponent has to defend us on the perimeter bc of our shooting, it never leads to back cuts to the basket for layups. Successful bball is making the pass to the right guy who can make the pass to the guy cutting to the basket. It’s the off ball guard reading his defender and his teammate to know the exact moment to cut and best angle to give the passer. The proper rotation on D, when to switch, which hip to defend your man on, how and when to seal for the rebound so your teammate can clean it up. When to push the ball. When to hustle back on D to prevent a secondary break. WVU really isn’t very good at any of this.

    I see the ceiling for this team being a 2004ish 17-14 and NIT bound, and the floor being a 2000ish, just be thankful we aren’t inhaling asbestos all game.

    The real question is are these guys Jarrett Kearse, Elton Scott, Little Train, Chris Moss types – the best players on bad teams who look good compared to their John Oliver teammates – or are they herbers, hyphen Collins, pittsnogle, Frank the tank types who are just young and are growing and with the right additions will be key players on good teams? To me, next years newcomers look a lot more like Kent Dennis and Keith kincaide than mike gansey and Darris Nichols.

  19. jtmountaineer says:

    25314, you need to watch Henderson and Harris a little more closely on the defensive end. I agree that they’re not as consistent as they need to be, not nearly as consistent, but Harris has length and is often disruptive, and Henderson had 3 blocks and two steals against OSU Saturday, not that uncommon when he’s having a good game. Your longer paragraph isn’t inaccurate if you look only at last night’s game, but in most other games this year these guys have been moving pretty well without the ball, certainly well enough for the amount of time they’ve played together. Check the assist totals for their prior games, a solid indicator of passing and spacing the floor.

    We’re losing no one and gaining two rebounders in Holton and Macon next year. I don’t know what you’re smoking if you don’t see a top 25 team in the 14-15 squad.

  20. Rugger says:

    We will struggle against bigger teams unless we shoot lights out. Huggs seemed to indicate in his presser that there’s not enough practice going on to develop the “neuro muscular pattern” to make shots consistently. How disappointing.

    The players may be thinking “if dr. huggs would have recruited two eligible guys instead of two ineligible guys, we might have a fighting chance against bigger teams”.

    There is some talent and hope for next year but this year is purely developmental given lack of defense, rebounding and consistent shooting. I think we need wins against the top half of the conference in order to build confidence that we can win against the better teams in the Big XII going into next year. In fact I think it is critical that we pull some big upsets to keep us going particularly if post season is not a realistic goal.

  21. Spatial Angel says:

    Recruit eligible guys? Now, there’s an idea.

  22. avb31 says:

    An average shooting night wins this game. We have to shoot well to win, but I wouldn’t say it needs to be “lights out”

    This is still a fun team to watch and I remain optimistic for the future. I feel like we have a chance against anyone we play. Couldn’t say that last year.

  23. Rugger says:

    We look great when we compare ourselves to last season. Too bad nobody in the Big XII is that bad.

    I think we suck as compared to the Final Four squad. Does that make me a pessimist?

  24. ffejbboc says:

    When was the last time WVU lost four in a row in the Coliseum?

    Gonzaga = L
    Purdue = L
    OK State = L
    Texas = L

    Albiet, against pretty good competition, but still….

  25. jtmountaineer says:

    If you’re comparing this year’s team to 2010 and seeing the Final Four squad as superior, you’re simply a realist. But if you realize how much experience that Final Four team had , no meaningful contributions from freshmen, players with 2 or 3 years in the rotation, I think you’d have to conclude that this team can certainly close the gap when it comes to defense and rebounding. I don’t think it’s blasphemous to say Da’sean wasn’t the player he would become junior and especially senior year during his sophomore campaign. Eron Harris has a long way to go with his ball handling and defense, but I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that he can get there. Henderson, too, for that matter. This team is missing the tenacity of a John Flowers, for sure.

  26. jtmountaineer says:

    ffejbboc, my guess would be last year. For any last time something bad happened questions, my answer would probably be last year.