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Simple question

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As Bob Huggins explains away another  close loss to a quality opponent, I ask you this: Has WVU proved enough this season or must these Mountaineers do something especially special to establish their worth?

I ask because the team is torn on this sort of thing. WVU is really, really close, but that’s not new.

“It would definitely be a confidence-booster and give us the confidence to go out there and keep beating these teams,” Harris said. “I think something people aren’t thinking about is maybe some people aren’t used to winning, aren’t used to being the guy that won the big game or the team that won the big game. Some people are scared to be great like that.

“That’s a hump we need to get over. It’s a mental thing. At the end of the day, can you be as confident as you are at the beginning of the game? In big games, are you as confident as you are in smaller games? I think that great players aren’t scared to be the winner.”