WVU v. Oklahoma State: Swag the Coliseum


You are looking live at a themed T-shirt for today’s game here at the Coliseum. There’s a bunch of these in gold, too. Ought to look good on the Big 12 Network (where applicable).

It’s an aggressively coordinated effort in the student section with special game day editions of the Daily Athenaeum, as well as the appropriately colored T-shirts, found throughout.

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And in those newspaper pages? Your Jan. 11, 2014 version of the Mountaineer Musings. Stevie Clark is no longer suspended, by the way. He was indefinitely suspended for one game and played the most recent game. Admire the effort nonetheless.




Interesting play-by-play crew today: Mitch Holthus, who is the Voice of the Kansas City Chiefs, and Bryndon Manzer, who played for the Cowboys (1991-94) and moonlights behind the mic when he’s not working in financial advising.

By the way, Kansas is crushing Kansas State and Oklahoma beat Iowa State — and the Jayhawks and Sooners are and were at home. WVU, the host today, will be all alone in first place with a win against the Cowboys. The Mountaineers are a 51/2-point underdog.

And now for the other¬†reason we’re here:¬†Significant socks update after the jump …

Eron Harris, late of neon green and then white socks, is apparently wearing black today. You’re welcome.



17 Responses to “WVU v. Oklahoma State: Swag the Coliseum”

  1. Rugger says:

    We’re due!

  2. Shoot4show says:

    With new rules, can you guard in transition w/o fouling?

  3. Shoot4show says:

    With the delay on ESPN3, Mike’s post hits right before the play transpires on my iPad… lead time to choose which “oh” to shout, oh yeah or oh crap.

  4. #fixed says:

    What is the score in help from refs?

    It appears OSU- 9 WVU – 2

    4:00 timeout

  5. #fixed says:

    Now my records are:

    OSU – 11
    WVU – 2


  6. Shoot4show says:

    Looks like a different team came out for the 2nd half… as though they don’t yet get what it takes to beat a highly ranked opponent. Why is youth wasted on the young?

  7. Shoot4show says:

    Thought Smart had to wait until next year in the NBA before he could get that call.

  8. Shoot4show says:

    Harris. Slump.

  9. Shoot4show says:


  10. lowercase jeff says:

    i love this team

  11. Rick says:

    Ford get another DUI? Kicked out of a casino??

  12. avb31 says:

    Tough, tough loss. Harris really struggled today. Beat Texas on Monday. I’ll take a 3-1 start in league play.

  13. Shoot4show says:

    So close. Staten is playing unbelievably well regardless of the last shot. If this group continues to grow, it could be a special team in time.

    At least with this team you don’t get “head down and writing” with 10 minutes to go.

  14. avb31 says:

    We will beat a ranked team at home this year. It will happen.

  15. jtmountaineer says:

    Just…not..there…yet. We’ve been in literally every single game. Maybe not so realistically in the Wisconsin or Missouri, but within striking distance even in those.

    As soon as we win one big one… There’s this invisible wall in front of us.

  16. Foul Shot says:

    Too bad we could not guard the three a bit better at the end.
    It is rough not getting that one.
    But, it is nice to see a team that can score.
    At least hoops is on the right track it appears.
    Football – seems like chaos reigns.

  17. Rugger says:

    Speaking of KAOS, Huggs game planning with his brain trust to get Smart next time.


    Is it fair to conclude that Ford is a flake? And then there were three…….Say it’s Alright Joe!