QB Ford Childress no longer enrolled at WVU

Suspended earlier this month for the full semester, Ford Childress has decided not to enroll for the spring. I’m told there will be no Andrew Buie-like return for Childress in the fall. Enjoy!

54 Responses to “QB Ford Childress no longer enrolled at WVU”

  1. I have not read anywhere yet that Childress will not return for the summer semester. He was suspended for the semester, which sounds like academics.

    I have not seen anywhere that he is talking with other teams. His pectoral muscle probably needs surgery for total recovery also. Buie left and came back. Why do we assume Childress will not? Because neither he nor the coaches are talking?

    Childress is still on the updated roster.

  2. Parks says:

    Michael–he was suspended for the Spring semester from the football team and chose not to enroll in classes. He is no longer in Morgantown and I’ve not seen anything to indicate that he will be returning. I heard this morning that we have 1 or 2 JUCO QBs that we’re looking at, but I haven’t seen/heard names. I’d say with Tricket having surgery your spring QBs will be Millard and Howard.

  3. Michael,

    Remember when you jumped on Casazza for not confirming something last off-season (something with recruiting, I don’t remember what) because it was not yet official?

    Funny how that works…

    We assume Childress isn’t coming back because that’s what Casazza is reporting.

  4. Parks says:

    Well said Clarence!