Hate to interrupt reminiscing about sandwiches …

… but there’s a sizable game Saturday at the Coliseum against No. 11 Oklahoma State. The Cowboys are still finding their way after losing Michael Cobbins for the season Dec. 30. They lost at Kansas State and won at home last night against Texas, but they have some really good parts, led most notably by Marcus Smart.

We love to compare players from the present to the past, and not even Bob Huggins could spare himself a peak into the rear view mirror.

“I thought he was absolutely terrific,” Huggins said over the summer. “I don’t know that we’ve played against a guy that controls the game from the point guard position like he does since I was at Cincinnati and we played against Jason Kidd.”

Kidd had quite a night in an overtime win against the Bearcats and that’s remained with Huggins ever since. Smart is similar in size, style and purpose, of course, and Huggins will have his hands full defending that guy.

Do you guard him with Staten for speed to stay between Smart and the basket? Do you pick Eron Harris for height and length that can obscure vision and discourage passes? Do you play a lot of zone? The Mountaineers don’t guard it very well, so they better come up with something … smart.

15 Responses to “Hate to interrupt reminiscing about sandwiches …”

  1. oklahoma mountaineer says:

    Suggest you go to the Coliseum and see him play Saturday as he wont be back in a Cowboy uniform again…..he’s playing for a National Championship chance and a high lottery pick.

    He’s truly an awesome talent — I preface this by saying he’s not the next coming — but he reminds me of Magic Johnson. Height, ball handling skills, genuine love of the game, and raises the skill set of the players around him like the guy who played the 5 in the playoffs his Rookie Year.

  2. Rugger says:

    In that case, put Sweat on him.

  3. lowercase jeff says:

    mike, care to break the bad news?

  4. SheikYbuti says:

    Not sure how bad it is; he can now play a full two seasons.

  5. jtmountaineer says:

    Yeah, it’s more of a mixed blessing. Holton not only gets 2 years rather than 1.5, but the minutes he likely would have taken from Dibo, Watkins, and Adrian are probably well spent on their development. And Holton can continue to practice while he waits for next year.

  6. glibglub says:

    But is he allowed to have sandwiches?

  7. lowercase jeff says:

    how come we have never discussed the possibility of doing a tailgate for a football game next, or any, year?

    mike could come, and pay for everything

    dave could come, and complain

    mack could come, or not

  8. tom sirk says:

    I would be glad to participate in the tailgate idea–maybe can get a couple other folks from Charlote to come up –would help fund also — but only if Sheik came.

    Can someone exapand a little bit on the Holton 2 year ruling?

  9. Rugger says:

    Tailgate is a great idea. If OU is a night game, that might work well. Let me know what I can do.

    All I know tom is that his waiver to play this year was denied but he’ll be eligible next season if he keeps his nose clean and he’ll have two full years eligibility. Kid should be hungry next season and as previously mentioned, the guys playing now will see more development than if they had to share minutes.

  10. hoot says:

    Holton should have gone to Kentucky….then he could have taken money from an agent and still be rushed through the NCAA clearinghouse with no problems.

    Take a letter, Maria…

    Dear NCAA,

    Eat a big bag of sh(aving cream).

    Yours truly,

    The Great State of West Virginia.

  11. smeer says:

    football recruiting, basketball, Holton, sandwiches and tailgating. one thing we havn’t talked about is baseball and it is a hotstove time of year

    what are the odds Mazey’s ball club brings us our first NC in a major sport? a rising program with the promise of a state of the art stadium

    what are the odds that it’s this year? this year’s team in the only B12 team whose starting rotation has been drafted by MLB.

    which leads to another question – which of the big three has the steepest hill to climb?

    football in the B12 coupled with getting into the top 4 and winning 2?

    basketball with more margin for error during the regular season but no margin for error during the NCAA dance/gauntlet?

    baseball with a double elimination tourney then a best of three tourney followed by a double elimination tourney before a best of three college world series?

    by the way – i don’t think either FSU or Auburn were the best in college football this year but it is what it is – jmho

  12. tom sirk says:


    is the new baseball stadium going to be open 2105 season?

    loved your “that’s what she said” quip


    Slow times, if things don’t pick up, may have to bring up sledding on cafeteria trays down fraternitry row/N. High Street

  13. Spatial Angel says:

    There used to be a frozen custard stand on High St. I saw Joedy Gardner and Jim Amick there once. Memories…are so beautiful, and yet…

  14. Spatial Angel says:

    The new baseball stadium will be old in 2105.

  15. I love you, Doug! says:

    I have now made it my goal to attend WVU baseball’s 2105 home opener.