Oh, hey, a recruiting surprise.

I think.

I’ve been deeper into recruiting lately than before — I think WVU is going to re-design its defense through this recruiting class, and tomorrow I explain how and why — and though I knew Mr. Richardson to be a target, I was under the impression it would not happen.

Wisconsin’s loss is WVU’s gain, though, after a persuasive visis.

“They said they’re looking at me for a lockdown corner,” he told EerSports after the trip. “They said they felt like they couldn’t press as much as they wanted to, so they want me to lock down one side of the field. They want me to come in and take that side away.”

“Overall, I had a great visit,” he said. “It was really good there.”

After talking it over with his parents on Tuesday, Richardson decided that being a Mountaineer was the right move for him. According to his coach, Sherard Poteete, the visit – along with the coaching staff – made the difference.

“He fell in love with it during his visit,” said Poteete. “The staff did a great job recruiting him and made him feel at home. You got to tip your hat to the coaches for doing a great job.”

WVU now has two and maybe three cornerbacks coming in who could be able to play right away. Richardson signed today, the first day junior college kids can do so, and he’ll be on hand for spring practice. Jaylon Myers of Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College is committed (as I type this). WVU isn’t bringing in junior college players unless they can play right away. Dravon Henry of Aliquippa (Pa.) High might be good in a Daryl Worley kind of way, too.

That’s three cornerbacks brought in to play cornerback, as opposed to safeties moved to play cornerback, and that might be a sizable difference next season.

19 Responses to “Direction!”

  1. Rugger says:

    Nice piece on Tomlin and the Stewart Family by NFL Films.

    I like our corner and safety situation and I can’t believe I just typed that. Nana is coming back, Chestnut is roasting to get some PT and Napoleon needs to start earning his scholly as well.

    Bell and Banks should be valuable at safety.

  2. It’s amazing what depth can do, isn’t it?

    That said, who knows what comes of this recruiting and of this recruiting class…

  3. of this recruit and of this recruiting class…*

  4. Rugger says:

    We did have 100% admittance last season with d’vante henry later a victim of cabecita thinking.

    I’m encouraged and a little shocked that we’re doing this well after last season. Our sales pitch must be something like “come to WV if you want to play early and often”.

  5. Karl says:

    Who knows if this kid will be any good, but this may be one case where our crazy geographic situation helped us. Richardson is from Oklahoma. His favorite before visiting WVU was reportedly Wisconsin. It had to be a selling point that he’d get to play at least one game each year in his home state if he came to WVU.

  6. netbros says:

    Now there’s a career on fast track. Jake Spavital named Offensive Coordinator at Texas A&M.

  7. netbros says:

    The Big 12 hoops schedule just got even tougher. Texas beat the Tar Heels tonight.

  8. Wayward Eer says:

    Did anyone see that Aaric Murray had 48 tonight vs. Temple? Just speechless?

  9. netbros says:

    Yep, Dalton Pepper is averaging 16.5 for Temple, Dan Jennings 12.7 and 8.3 for Long Beach State, and Murray 24.5 and 8 for Texas Southern. On the other hand, all three teams have losing records.

    Be curious to see what last year’s transfer class starts doing when they are eligible again next year.

    All in all though, I like the guys on the WV team now.

  10. Rugger says:

    “I’m a competitor, I like to compete.”
    –Skylar Howard

    I like this kid early but I reserve the right to Millard him later as necessary.

  11. JC says:

    Could Spavital’s upward trajectory lead him back to WVU at the right time?

  12. ffejbboc says:

    I would hope that Spavital’s cell number is in Luck’s rolodex.

  13. smeer says:

    you guys are serious?

    the ONLY move he could make that would be upward mobility is HC.

    so you’re willing to trade an unproven HCDH for an unproven OCJS?

    a guy who spent one season here, who can’t, with such a short resume, have much if any assistant-coaches-in-waiting in his rolodex, who is less a proven commodity than DH was when he got here, who is a southwest guy with little ties to the state/region and therefore, like DH proved, has no recruiting ties to the east coast . . .

    DH may or may not be HC material but Spavital has less resume – 2 yrs GA, 2 years QB coach at WVU, 1 year QB coach at TAM and 0 years as OC. and a year from now you can a big fat 1 next to OC.

    or are you thinking he’s gonna come in and replace Dawson? yeah that makes sense only if his lifelong dream is to work with DH who may or may not have a job in a year. because let’s see – OC in the southwest his home turf with TAM or OC in Morgantown with us.

    hey let’s try the coach in waiting thing again . . .

  14. hershy112 says:


    That was a bit dramatic.

    “Could Spavital’s upward trajectory lead him back to WVU at the right time?”

    “I would hope that Spavital’s cell number is in Luck’s rolodex.”

    I thought these comments were harmless.

  15. Mack says:

    I actually agree with sneer for once. WVU fans think that guys at other schools must be better than what we have here. Then, if a coach does decide to come to WVU, then it must be because he isn’t actually any good.

    Sort of like a guy saying he wouldn’t marry anyone who would want to marry him.

  16. smeer says:


    five to ten years from now?

    at least two more years as OC at TAM, then taking a HC position at a lesser school for three plus, then

    then what breaks on our end during and after HCDH

    that makes my brain crack – so many IFs

    for a guy who is three years removed from GA

    yeah dramatic

  17. Mack says:

    I’m not sure that there’s a single thing that Jake Spavital can point to with any confidence and say, “I did that.”

    He coached Geno Smith, who was already good-not-great and he made him good-not-great. He took Johnny Manziel, who was already a Heisman-winning freshman and made him an ever so slightly better sophomore.

  18. Rugger says:

    He coached Paul Millard for a year.

  19. Mack says:

    And I’m obviously not saying Spavital is a bad coach or a good coach. But it’s ridiculous to say that we really know anything about him, at this point. College football is full of coaches who soar to the top quickly. It has very few coaches that stay up there.