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An absolutely magical idea

Texas Bowl representatives attended two WVU games late in the season, presumably scouting the Mountaineers under the assumption a 4-5 team wouldn’t lose out and would find the means to win twice when closing at home against Texas, at Kansas and at home against Iowa State.

That didn’t happen and the Big 12 didn’t have enough bowl eligible teams to satisfy partnerships. That delivered the ACC’s Syracuse — the very reason the Pinstripe Bowl wanted as little to do with WVU as WVU wanted to do with the Pinstripe Bowl — to the Texas Bowl.

Ticket sales are, eh, they’re what you’d expect when you ask fans of and from Minnesota and fans of and from Syracuse to go to Houston two days after Christmas.

Then yesterday happened and Friend of the Program Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magicial did a wonderful thing for Houston area kids.

If you’re truly bummed out about not making a bowl trip and you miss the whimsical meaning of a trip or the pageantry of a bowl, well, not everyone has to feel that way.

Also, Mr. TNIAAM will join me in the final segment of Scoop & Score Thursday morning to discuss this and other Orange, ACC and 2012 Pinstripe matters.