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How to watch tonight’s game

WVU and Huggins take on Ole Miss and former Huggins assistant Andy Kennedy tonight at 9 p.m. ET and I think it’d be a fun game to watch. The Mountaineers will try to make some shots — possible Bird Sowards appearance — and the Rebels like to run and shoot and score. Good formula for fun.

One problem: Most of WVU’s fans won’t be able to see the game by conventional means. The only television is Fox SportsNet South.

In and bordering West Virginia, you can go to listen on your MSN affiliate or sign up for the streaming audio online.

Other audio options include XM Radio channel 199. If you don’t have XM, can’t stand Caridi, don’t appreciate Jay Jacobs or just want a different take, there’s RebelVision. Don’t be fooled — it’s audio. The Rebels will also provide live stats.

My suggestion? The surprisingly good (and free) ESPN360.com, though you have to hope it’s not a blackout, which probably shouldn’t be a problem at the 8,700-seat Tad Pad.