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Here’s looking at you

I have to admit, one of my favorite times every week comes Sunday afternoon when the Associated Press publicizes the ballots of those who vote in its football poll. First, it’s a brilliant idea because it adds some accountability to the process. Just ask Jon Wilner.

Anyhow, across West Virginia and wherever fans and alumni pick up their newspaper today, the polls have never been more anticipated. The Mountaineers are No. 1 in the coaches poll — those results aren’t publicized until the end of the year, which is lame — and No. 2 in the  BCS, Harris poll and the AP poll … though by 30 points. The publication of the votes this week is pretty interesting and I’d like to share with you my findings.

Let’s start with Mr. Wilner, who continues to baffle and is intent on preventing Ohio State— No. 11 — from reaching the BCS title game.

In Alabama, where they’re still adjusting to life with hyperbolic Nick Saban, but they still love Rich Rodriguez. WVU is No. 1 in both ballots.

Dave Morrison, of the Beckley Register-Herald, is West Virginia’s representative. Kansas and Missouri only have one vote, too.

WVU got no love from the four national media ballots.

Nor from Kirk Herbstreit, who is not counted as national media despite his ESPN gig, but as a voter from Columbus, Ohio, radio station WBNS. 

I was really impressed by Hawaii’s ballot. The East Coast Balloteers are regularly criticized for not keeping up with the action out west, but it appears the same cannot be said of the West Coast. Fair placement of Hawaii, too, I thought.

… and then there’s a guy from Texas who just makes no sense. This is why these votes are publicized.

The Mountaineers left no doubt in the minds of Connecticut’s representative. And I really don’t think you can underestimate how important it was to thump UConn Saturday.

Then again, they are not as impressed in Savannah, Ga.

Or Oakland, Mich.

Or Las Vegas.

Or Roanoke, Va.