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Next, please

Noel Devine is a lot of things. Fast, strong, humble, quiet, likable and, just maybe, Next. ESPN The Magazine is preparing its annual “Next” edition in which it touts who is the next big thing in sports and WVU’s freshman running back is one of the five candidates.

Not sure about the assertion Steve Slaton is “likely NFL-bound next year,” but I do love that quote from Maryland Coach Ralph Friedgen.

“That little kid they put in there, he can run. I didn’t realize he’s as fast as he is. He’s pretty elusive, too.”

Remember when it was a big risk to recruit that little kid? There were so many question marks before he signed with West Virginia last winter that people were genuinely concerned about the trouble that might come with his services. Turns out that was just another instance in which people had to have an opinion and it ultimately did not matter. Good kid, good player, great future.