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Wait … D-League has draft parties???

So the news is supposed to be that West Virginia folk hero Kevin Pittsnogle was drafted by the Austin Toros with the 12th pick of the NBA’s Developmental League draft last night.

I suppose that’s news, and good news for KP, who when we last left him was playing in France. The D-League is to the NBA what farm systems are to Major League Baseball and there’s a history of NBA teams calling up D-League talent, though former Mountaineers D’or Fischer and Tyrone Sally never sipped from their cups of coffee. Still, it’s one step forward and it at least keeps alive the idea that Pittsnogle’s unmistakable offensive skill has a home somewhere. Now, his future rests in the hands of trustworthy Quin Snyder.

Of more interest to me was the fact the D-League is apparently thriving, at least in some obscure cult status. In fact, the actually reputable Draft Express had incredibly thorough wall-to-wall coverage that included a state of the D-League, a look form the Iowa Energy war room, a full review of the first round and highlights from the other nine rounds. 

The best part, to me, at least, was the review of the draft party in which an unnamed bar used free appetizers to attract — get this — approximately 75 fans! Hopefully, Kedrick Brown turns out better than the jalapeno poppers.

In D-League cities across the country, fans gathered at draft parties hosted by local teams. In Anaheim, the Arsenal entered their second season in franchise history by hosting a draft party at a local sports bar.

A crowd of approximately 75 gathered as fans were able to mingle with ownership, management, staff and cheerleaders. The organization provided appetizers for the party while the NBA D-League Draft was shown on large screen televisions throughout the bar.

The crowd came to a hush in anticipation of the Arsenal’s first round pick. As Kedrick Brown was announced, the crowd’s cheers of approval was followed by the soon-to-be question of the night – “Who is he?”