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They’re bringing quarterbacks

So much will be said and written about Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm before Thursday’s game against West Virginia at Mountaineer Field. Prepare yourself because it begins tomorrow. Brohm had a conference call with the West Virginia media today and was outstanding. Seriously, you’d have a hard time booing the guy if you had listened in on the conversation.

It is another Clash of the Quarterbacks in the Big East, where there seems to be at least one marquee matchup every week now. Brohm tipped his cap to his counterpart.

“Pat White’s a great player. Obviously, he’s not a drop-back passer. He runs the spread offense and he can really run the ball, but he can throw the ball, too. The thing about him is you can tell he’s a great leader. The team rallies around him and you know he’s going to make exciting plays. That’s always going to make the team play harder and you know at any point they’re going to break a big one.”

This Clash goes deeper, though, for it might be the Battle of the Backups because both are legitimate NFL prospects and on the fictional list of best backups in the country. We all know Jarrett Brown, but I’d like to introduce you to Hunter Cantwell. Despite his lack of experience on the field, Cantwell has already generated a lot of buzz for the 2009 NFL Draft.