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Live from Rutgers

Miserable day in Piscataway, N.J. And it’s raining.

The clouds have opened and closed a few times since about 9:30 this morning and it’ll probably be like this the rest of the day. Still, the artificial turf at Rutgers Stadium looks like it’s holding up. The same cannot be said for the swamp in which they’ve decided to park the media.

Not to say it’s in bad shape, but when I parked and handed the attendant the stub, I got two oars in return.

The Mountaineers are wearing white on white and are 11-5 in that combination since 2000. Rutgers, meanwhile, is wearing black on black — for the first time ever, I think — with red helmets and red numbers. It’s a really sharp look and it’s impressing the Rutgers recruits who are in attendance. They’re lined up on the sideline in a box stretching from the 5-yard line to the 25 and about four rows deep.

They, too, anticipate a big game. And it is big. Not only does Rutgers Stadium have DJ Yoshi — excuse me — the DJ Yoshi working the pregame, but Bob Hertzel — no italics — is here blogging for