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Friday feedback

An unprecedented number of comments this week … and only a few were from friends and family. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Cleveland Indians fans and both tantalized and terrified by the American League Championship Series, but I’m reminded of a line from “Major League” when Lou Brown is with his pitching coach as the Tribe begins its run.

“It’s starting to come together, Pepper.”

Well, Pepper, let’s get to the Friday Feedback, cowbells recommended. Comments appear as posted.

JX says:

Joe Alexander is, like, a more athletic Rex Chapman…or is he a taller Brent Barry??

And, seriously, how does Micheal Jordan ‘curtain jerk’ the Huggy Bear tribute video?? I mean…for godsake….how does he end up edited into that slot and CLARK KELLOGG is the ‘closer’??????

Who put that video together?? The one human in the WORLD who doesn’t realize how amazing it is that THE GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER EVER agreed to be filmed giving a shoutout to Huggy Bear??? I can’ wrap my brain around this one, Caz….I just cant.

Phew, where to begin. I’ll go with Brent Barry for the dunking, but I’ve heard from people IN THE KNOW there are some Luke Walton comparisons. As for Jordan starting off the tribute video at Mountaineer Madness, I couldn’t agree more. The crowd was startled. By the time everyone had stopped tingling, Clark Kellog was blowing our mind and we missed everything in between.

Also, expect Nich Lachey to be among the Mountaineer Maniacs this season.

 Ben says:

Can’t you get a copy of Rodriguez’s contract so that it isn’t merely a rumor that certain clauses are in there? Also, why is it always a rumor that the coach’s wife wants to leave? Is it because fans always want to believe the wife is evil whil their fair coach is a saint?

Who doesn’t hate rumors? I have the contract and I have four wonderful letters for you. FOIA. In the meantime, this ought to do until the mail arrives. As for the wives, it’s beyond me, though I think sometimes there is a deflection of blame. Said coach, who said fans have supported, couldn’t possibly want to leave said school. It must be said coach’s wife! I think wives are hands off until they willingly enter the equation. Any speculation is wildly unfair, especially when a wife pours herself into her husband’s program and the community.

Dan says:

Mike, For your father in law!! You might be a redneck if you have to hitchhike to your daughters wedding.
Good story,” making memories” we always called those mishaps!!!

A reference to The Trolley Story. No comment from me. As for the father-in-law, he had three. Here they are, condensed into one…

Alan says:

Did someone call me a REDNECK? …like I have EVER been called a REDNECK! …but then again, our ride that I hitched DID have to turn off the PAVED ROAD to get to the wedding!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice this on my many trips to the church. There was constant construction in the area and the pessimistic part of me began to wonder what to take from the fact that it got increasingly more difficult to get to the church the closer we got to the wedding. The wedding day answered that question.

nashdawg says: 

… I bleed maroon & white. One thing I can say about our football team…they will bring the hits! Looking forward to a hard fought game with the Mountianeers! Can we bring cowbells?

Nope, but please enjoy the bell toll when your offense faces third down.

Thomas says:

Greg Robinson has as much chance of keeping his job as a one-loss Big East team has of getting to the national championship game. This is the guy who complained about all of the national attention that Pat White, Steve Slaton and Owen Schmitt received after they beat Syracuse by 40 points. It’s hard to say that his firing will be unjustified… he hasn’t even won a game against Dave Wannstedt yet.

Excellent point and I think we’re only a few days away from Robinson tearing an ACL because misery loves company. I wonder if there has ever been two dead coaches walking in the same conference who will probably be back for the following season no matter what happens. I mean, they have to come back, right? And can’t you feel the excitement for Nov. 3 at Heinz Field. Getcha popcorn ready!