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How’s O.J. Mayo, you ask?

We all thought Huntington’s Ovinton J’Anthony Mayo would be of immediate impact playing basketball at Southern California. With the resurgence of the Trojans and the limelight of Los Angeles, some even thought Mayo would be a knockout.

But who among us figured he’d be both? Allegedly.

USC coach Tim Floyd said he met with guards O.J. Mayo and Daniel Hackett over the weekend after multiple sources told the Daily News Mayo punched Hackett during a pickup game last month.

“I brought O.J. into my office and asked him about it and I also spoke to Daniel,” Floyd said. “They said it wasn’t true.”

Hackett said Mayo accidentally threw an elbow after a rebound. Hackett broke his jaw during the incident, and it will be wired shut for at least four more weeks.

Although the incident occurred Sept. 28, Floyd has been out of town for several weeks and did not speak to Mayo about it until Sunday. Several sources, including a member of the basketball team, said Mayo punched Hackett during the game. No coaches were present.

“Yeah, he punched him,” a player said. “They changed the story for the media.”

Hackett and Mayo denied any punches were thrown.