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G-Rob feels robbed … A-Rob feels woozy

When the final score is a lot to a little, it’s hard to isolate one play as a turning point. And it truth, this might not have even been one of those plays that contributed to Rutgers’ 38-14 victory at Syracuse Saturday.

As it was, the Orange were actually driving at the end of the first half and had a first-and-10 at the Rutgers 34. On the snap, from the bizarre and clearly ineffective “pistol” formation, Scarlet Knights safety Joe Lefeged invaded the backfield and hit quarterback Andrew Robinson to force a fumble the defense recovered — and “hit” is probably not a strong enough word to describe the contact.

Syracuse Coach Greg Robinson was bitter a day later, not because his team was outscored 38-0 in the final three-plus quarters or because one-time Syracuse commit Ray Rice ran wild for Rutgers and remained in the backfield late in the game, but because that one possibly decisive play in the second quarter was judged differently on the field by the officials than it was on the sideline by the Syracuse coach.

Still feeling the effects of another big loss, Syracuse head coach Greg Robinson said Sunday that he was submitting tape of a vicious hit on Orange quarterback Andrew Robinson to Big East officials for review.

Andrew Robinson was sacked high in the final minute of the second quarter of Saturday’s game against Rutgers by defensive back Joe Lefeged, and the play resulted in a lost fumble at the Rutgers 34-yard line.

No penalty was signaled. Greg Robinson thought the officials missed an obvious call, which stopped a promising Syracuse drive with the Scarlet Knights ahead 24-14.

“That was a vicious blow to the head, helmet to helmet,” Greg Robinson said. “That is a little frustrating when I look at it. Andrew’s too competitive. He’s got to know when to hold them and when to fold them.”