WV Film Test Slogan Here


We attended the world premiere of the much-anticipated WV-made film, “Angel’s Perch,” at the WVSU Capitol-Plaza Theater on Sunday, June 23 at 7 PM. It was a full-house of people who really enjoyed the film made mostly in Cass, WV. The crowd clapped from opening to closing credits which included a long list of sponsors.

Joyce Van Patten as Polly, the grandmother with Alzheimer’s Disease, was sensational – Hollywood professional in fact. J.T. Arbogast as Jack, the hero, was also fine, equal to an Hollywood actor. Everyone in fact was really good as were the technicals – cinematography, sound, design, etc.

I would have to say that the audience, I suspect some members of the cast or their families including the musicians, made the theater extremely alive – the most so of any WV I have seen at its premiere including John Sayles’ “Matewan” in 1987 in Beckley.

There are several storylines in the film including Jack’s Pittsburgh career, the recent death of his wife, local girl friends, etc. I thought the director and writer did a good job keeping the action going given that it focuses on Altzheimer’s Disease and how it affects people. The filmmakers were good at getting support from many groups including the AD people of WV which has a high rate of the disease given its aging population.

I know there are other screenings scheduled around the state – including Cass I hope where much of the film was shot. Be sure to visit their website and learn more about the film. The Charleston Gazette and even Charleston’s WCHS-TV have done stories on the film. I hope that it will be sold as a DVD and WV libraries, etc. purchase copies for future generations to see the great film.