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2012 Pare Lorentz Award Winner

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Ken Burns’ latest series is on the “Dust Bowl” of the Great Depression.

 Pare Lorentz, born in Clarksburg, was commissioned to make two films on thesame subject by FDR when Lorentz was the head of the short-lived US Film Service, “The Plow that Broke the Plains” and “The River.” The IDA has named one of its awards after Lorentz and this year’s winner is “The Island President” by John Shenk. Congrats to Shenk and everyone else who was a finalist for the top doc award in the world for social documentary.


I don’t know how much footage Burns used shot by Lorentz but I am sure quite a bit. During a visit before his death, he complained to me that “everyone who made a film on the Depressioin” used his footage without his permission.