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Are comic books art? The Warhol Museum says yes

"Batman: Knight Over Gotham," by Alex Ross

If you’re a comic book fan, and you can make it up to Pittsburgh over the next few months, you’re in luck. Alex Ross, one of the great comic artists of the era, is having an exhibit at the Warhol Museum, titled “Heroes and Villains: The Comic Book Art of Alex Ross.”

As the description of the event on the Warhol’s website notes, Ross won the Favorite Painter award from the Comic Buyer’s Guide so often, the award was retired. He worked on two landmark events early in his career, Marvel Comics’ “Marvels” series (the view of costumed heroes and villains from an ordinary man’s perspective) and DC Comics’ “Kingdom Come” (an imagination of the future of the superhero universe). Art from both is to be included in the exhibit (although seeing as how one of the exhibit’s sponsors is DC Comics, I’d expect their characters to occupy the places of prominence).

Ross will be on hand for the opening celebration on Oct. 1, and the exhibit will run until Jan. 8. Andy Warhol was a big comic book fan, so some of his collection will be featured; also, Warhol’s unfinished camp film “Batman/Dracula” (1964) will be screened.