Sustained Outrage

AG Morrisey joins challenges to EPA gas rules

morriseyphotoWest Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey announced yesterday that his office had filed a challenge on the state’s behalf to the latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rule aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The rule, finalized in June, would greatly curb emissions of methane from oil and gas operations to address a problem scientists are increasingly concerned may be reducing the climate change benefits of burning less coal (see here, here and here).

In a tweet announcing his action, here’s what AG Morrisey’s office said:


If you look at the filing with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, it’s true that Morrisey has West Virginia listed first among the petitioners:

But, if you check with the court records, you’ll see that the state of North Dakota filed a challenge to the EPA rule back on July 15 and the state of Texas filed a challenge on July 28. The West Virginia challenge was filed on Tuesday, Aug. 2.